OnePlus confirmed it will launch smartwatch in 2021

OnePlus has released quite a few smartphones over the years, but the one they’ve never launched is a smartwatch.

CEO Pete Lau recently posted a new article on Twitter, confirming that OnePlus will introduce its first smartwatch in early 2021, marking its first move. when entering the wearable market.

Oneplus confirmed it will launch smartwatch in 2021 1801

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Initially, this smartwatch was expected to be announced in October, after OnePlus sent prototypes to the certification authority this summer. However, a number of procedural obstacles caused the release to be delayed indefinitely, although the cause is unknown – software failure or mass production error.

Several leaked images posted last month show OnePlus developing a Cyberpunk 2077 themed smartwatch, running on Google’s Wear OS. At the same time, CEO Pete Lau previously said OnePlus was ready to use Wear OS for its smartwatch in the future.

Google has brought a lot of performance and interface improvements to Wear OS. However, there’s a high chance that OnePlus will take advantage of Google’s operating system and add its own tweaks and optimizations – just like with Oxygen OS.

According to a tweet posted by Pete Lau, the first OnePlus smartwatch will be released in early 2021 – presumably during the OnePlus 9 launch event in March.