Mykel + Violet - 100% USDA Certified Organic Baby Massage Oil, Calming Blend, Moisturizes Newborn Baby's Delicate Skin, Made with Avocado oil, Lavender oil and other Organic Essential Oils

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Mykel Violet 100 Usda Certified Organic Baby Massage Oil Calming Blend Moisturizes Newborn Baby S Delicate Skin Made With Avocado Oil Lavender Oil And Other Organic Essential Oils

Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 1Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 2Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 3Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 4Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 5Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 6Mykel Violet Certified Moisturizes Essential 7

Mykel + Violet was created with you and baby in mind. We believe there's beauty in nature - that's why we source only the highest quality, certified organic, vegan ingredients. We left out all the bad stuff, free of chemicals, fragrance, petroleum, and mineral oils, we make sure to only include certified organic ingredients straight from mother nature. We keep it simple and eco-conscious. The MYKEL + VIOLET Vow -USDA certified organic -Therapeutic grade -100% pure & natural -No preservatives -No chemicals -No parabens -Fragrance-free -Vegan friendly

- PURE AND SAFE. Baby's skin is sensitive! That's why we leave out all the junk. Free from chemicals, fragrance, petroleum, and mineral oils, we make sure only to include the best ingredients straight from mother nature
- PROTECT YOUR LITTLE ONE This oil will help soothe, hydrate, and heal baby's skin from dry skin, irritated skin, rashes, and even conditions like eczema!
- KEEP BABY'S SKIN HAPPY AND HEALTHY! Our Baby Oil delivers intense moisture and nourishment to make your baby's skin its softest and healthiest ever.
- SIMPLY THE BEST. Made with only a handful of nature's most potent ingredients, like Avocado oil, marjoram essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, sweet orange essential oil and lavender essential oil, our Baby Oil is formulated in every way to soothe, moisturize, and repair. Great after bath time and before bed!

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    14 July, 2020

    Flynn Jackson

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    11 July, 2020

    Benjamin Miller

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    14 July, 2020

    Jake Thompson

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  • 	Nathan 	Miller
    12 July, 2020

    Nathan Miller

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  • 	Rhys 	White
    09 July, 2020

    Rhys White

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