Many people do not manage remote roads, rushing to a toilet located in a remote area of ​​the North Island just to take pictures.

Millions of visitors come to New Zealand to visit a toilet, New Zealand Tourism

For years, millions of visitors have come to the remote town of Kawakawa, located on the North Island of New Zealand just to visit a public toilet. The toilet area is called Hundertwasser, attracting visitors because of its eye-catching bricks and floor. Everyone competed to take pictures inside the WC and showed off excitedly, according to Sun.

The designer of the project is the famous Austrian architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His works are scattered in Austria and Germany, from canvas paintings to unique buildings. This labyrinth toilet is his only creation located in the Southern Hemisphere.

The toilet was completed in 1999, taking the name of its designer, architect Hundertwasser.

Brick to build toilet is recycled from a discarded building of New Zealand bank. Students of Bay of Islands University help architects collect bottles, concrete scraps, reinforcement, copper … to create a complete work.

The work was built with ideas from Kawakawa Community Committee, to turn this place into a tourist attraction, helping the town develop its economy. Since the toilet appeared, Kawawaka has attracted an average of 250,000 visitors a year. Many small cafes also appear along the road leading to where there is a toilet.

Many people drive 5 hours here just to take pictures with this unique toilet.

Another New Zealand town, Matakana, has become an attractive tourist destination in the last few years thanks to similar projects. It was a ship-shaped toilet, designed by student Steffan de Haan, University of Auckland.

The 18-carat gold toilet is on display in the Guggenheim museum, New York. There are about 100,000 visitors come here to sit and try this toilet worth more than 2 million USD.

Kawakawa is a small town located in Bay of Islands, North Island of New Zealand. The population here is about 1,200 people. The town is named after Kawakawa shrub. In addition to the Hundertwasser toilet, you can also visit another nearby famous spot, the glowing cave Kawiti in Waiomio.

This area is full of hotels, from budget to luxury. Room rates range from 140 to 350 USD.


Millions of visitors come to New Zealand to visit a toilet, New Zealand Tourism
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