MEmu – Software to emulate Android operating system on Windows

MEmu App Player is one of the lightest and most free Android emulator available on PC today. MEmu 7.2.5 allows players to emulate multiple Android platforms on the computer and freely experience the entertainment world of Android phones on the big screen.

Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137

MEmu is an application that emulates multiple Android platforms on PC

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Mobile games are thriving and PC users can’t just sit sad or regretful because they can’t play games or don’t have a phone in hand. The Android emulator software allows users to play Android games on their computer so more and more appearances, including names like Bluestacks, Nox App Player, Droid4Xhay Windroy … Rated as one of the best Android emulator , MEmu runs on Android 4.2.2, possesses great compatibility, features useful and the process is relatively smooth.

Android emulator software is not a strange concept but MEmu Player not only brings the experience of using Android on PC but also gives users 2-in-1 devices and Windows-based tablet the opportunity to experience the world of Android emulator.

MEmu said: “MEmu is an Android emulator that brings the experience of using Android on Microsoft Windows devices. It can run on PCs, Notebook, 2-in-1 devices, and tablets. With other Android emulators, MEmu owns the best performance and compatibility “.

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Play great Android games on PC with MEmu’s maximum wide interface

MEmu was born a while after Remix, but there was no need for users to own a new OS. All you need is just the current Windows platform, easily change parameters such as CPU, root mode, screen resolution, memory capacity … In the feature of this software must include the ability to share files between Android and Windows , to quickly install APK files through drag and drop, using both sensors on Android to play The game has an interactive and intuitive design like racing game, the ability to run multiple objects (instances) of Android at the same time, create, copy (clone), delete in Android operating system with just 1 click. mouse, GPS location simulation and many more features true Android experience on desktop.

Search for apps in Google Play to install and play on your computer easily

MEmu users can open multiple windows and watch their favorite TV shows live on different TV channels. Using chat apps like WhatsApp is very easy to type with the keyboard, along with playing games with the help of mouse, control and keyboard, displaying all on the big screen is also an experience. might be more awesome.

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You can set up game play with the key on MEmu

After installing the app, a window opens showing the Android desktop with the basic apps like ES File Explorer and Google Play Store. You can find a toolbar that simulates shaking, rotating the device as well as adjusting the volume, taking screenshots, running APK files along with emulating tilt and multi-touch gestures with the keyboard and control. joystick control.

Play Clash of Clans game on the computer screen

The Setting dialog box offers a GPS Simulation option to determine the location. MEmu is not only compatible with popular Windows operating systems but also supports a variety of hardware configurations and graphics card requirements, allowing for easy playing of many popular games. During the opening of the software, MEmu gives a lot of instructions to help you get acquainted with the software’s features.

Main features of the Android MEmu emulator software

  • Experience using Android on a big screen, running Android apps on the computer.
  • Ability to customize flexible parameters: CPU, memory capacity, resolution, device model, place of navigation bars, root mode …
  • Use keyboard and controls instead of touch screen gestures for better gaming experience.
  • Full screen opening feature.
  • Uses sensor data for more intuitive racing games.
  • Simulates a GPS address.
  • Watch TV programs from multiple TV channels.
  • Share files between PC and Android.
  • Quickly install APK files using a drag and drop.
  • Create, copy, delete system files.
  • Open multiple Android themes at once.
  • Supports many languages ​​including .

Together with the Pokémon GO craze on mobile devices, the Android MEmu emulator software has brought the latest updates to support Pokémon GOngay players on the computer.

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Play BubbleWitch with MEmu on the computer


  • Don’t forget to backup your data with OVA file before installing.
  • Your device’s
  • OpenGL should also be powerful enough to support MEmu.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 4

Update latest MEmu emulator

MEmu 7.2.5

  • The sidebar describing the keymap has been added with a new editing feature.
  • Allows you to delete and customize smart keys to normal keys.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 5

Allows you to customize the Smart key on MEmu 7.2.5

  • The default wallpaper and About interface have been completely upgraded.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 6

Change the desktop and About on MEmu

  • The macro key is activated in each key’s macro script.
  • Updated multi-language MEmu theme.
  • MEMUC now allows creating desktop shortcuts for applications.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a new image from being displayed when first opened.
  • Bug fixes and smart key optimization for Free Fire and CODM games.
  • Fixed an issue causing Brawl Stars to sometimes be unable to cancel the skill just released.
  • Fixed an issue where the joystick is passive when right-clicking Mobile Legends.
  • Fixed an issue where Arena of Valor skills in the game were affected with mouse clicks.
  • Fixed an issue where some game controllers could not be recognized after connecting to the computer.
  • The default DPI’s 720p resolution is set to 240.

MEmu 7.2.2

  • New point:
    • Add Membership Center with premium features to customize the look and remove ads. Log in to MEmu every day for the chance to become a full member and earn free rare skins.
    • Supports vertical sensitivity sensor.
    • Added WASD control mode (switching speed between 3 modes).
    • Add a map of the keyboard combination (press / drop operations in separate areas).
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 7

MEmu 7.2.2 added Membership Center, improved control system and fixed errors

  • Error correction:
    • Fixed a macro key set due to scaling system resolution (affects Free Fire).
    • Fixed an issue with sharing accounts in some games.
    • Fixed an issue of skill release in Arena of Valor.
    • Fixed moving issues in Brawl Stars.
    • Fixed an issue where LifeAfter could not spin in one direction.
    • Fixed the first of 4 hero skills of Mobile Legends.
    • Fixed Kwai’s compatibility bug.
    • Fixed an issue where some Xbox controllers could not be detected.
  • Optimize:
    • Support options in exit game settings.
    • Fixed the issue where the hidden window was not activated due to the boss key.

MEmu 7.1.6

  • New point
    • Optimize rendering performance for LifeAfter.
    • You can now select the output device in Settings.
    • Add contacts, photo gallery as default application.
  • Error correction
    • Fixed Smart Keymapping for Brawl Stars.
    • Fixed a bug where creating a new version failed.
    • Fixes the Enter dialog box showing and disappearing.
    • Fixed a bug where MEmu lost its Internet connection.
    • Fixed an issue with optimizing GPU memory, some games would still show a black screen.
    • Fixed an issue where Xbox gamepad LT and Rt buttons are not working.
    • Fixed a bug related to Google Play in the Android 7. image.
  • Other change
    • Add the activation command to the active window.
    • The boot command now supports background booting.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 8

MEmu 7.1.3

  • New point
    • Add many small details and macro recording functions.
    • Android’s
    • top menu is now prohibited from swiping down while playing games.
    • Add contacts, photo gallery as default application.
  • Error correction
    • Fixed an issue where the viewer could not move the viewer in full screen.
    • Fixed an error where the text could not be deleted.
  • Other change
    • Add command of gravity sensor, command gets list of third party apps.
    • Add parameters to create shortcut shortcuts when installing the application.
    • Added function to import .memu files.
    • Fixed a failed rename command.

MEmu 7.1.2

  • New point:
    • Update the display effect of the keyboard mapping.
    • Asphalt 9 can now be controlled directly by the keyboard (Using Android 7.1).
    • For Multi-MEmu, add ①Clean up ②Optimization.
  • Error correction
    • Fixed an issue where the shoot key (left click) sometimes doesn’t work in games like PUBG Mobile and Lifeafter.
    • Fix the Auto Chess game after a specific period.
    • Fix MEmuc error: Lag command listvms; GPS configuration command; copy command.
    • Fixed an issue where ADB could not connect to a copy of Android 7.1.
    • For Multi-MEmu, fix emulator specific properties that don’t change when cloned / randomly generated.
    • Game / Application Compatibility: Fixed Fate Go, Teon compatibility. Fix compatibility error Badoo, Oceanhorn, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on Android 7.1.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 9

MEmu 7.0.7

  • New point
    • Optimized the sensitivity error of Free Fire, now the game’s sensitivity is more stable.
    • New “App autostart” configuration. You can configure automatic application to run.
    • Optimized MEmu notification interface, dialogue bubbles, mini windows.
    • Optimize screen capture tools like OBS.
    • Optimizing HTML 5. Application Performance.
  • Error correction
    • Fixes network connection not possible in Windows 8.
    • Fixed a bug where running Cleanup failed (Detected in version 7.0.5).
    • Fixed a bug where the menu sometimes shows Chinese in version 7.0.5
    • Fixed an issue where you cannot create Android 4.4, 7.1
    • emulators
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 10

MEmu 7.0.5

  • User can hide Multi-MEmu in Windows tray.
  • Fixed some conditions where MEmu was stuck at 99%.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes there was a loss of sound after booting.
  • Fixed occasional lag in Windows tray icon.
  • Fix error message popup when closing MEmu.
  • Fix a memory leak in certain cases.
  • Fixed Multi-Memu crash when using batch boot.
  • Fixed a bug where some MEmu commands failed after MEmu 7.0.1.
  • Fix bugs sometimes when the install is slow.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard & FPS mapping would not show up sometimes after entering fullscreen mode.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 11

MEmu 7.0.3

  • Integrates seamlessly with Discord.
  • Significantly optimizes PC game compatibility with AMD graphics cards. Examples: Call of Duty Mobile, Lifeafter, Identity V, Onmyoji Arena, Cyber ​​Hunter, Creative Destruction…
  • Optimized menu & dialog to choose keyboard mapping for different heroes in Moba game genre like Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang …
  • Optimized user experience for a more lean system cleanup in Multi-MEmu.
  • Upgrading Android System WebView version for better browser-related application compatibility.
  • Error correction
    • Fixed an issue with increasing RAM usage after opening and closing apps consecutively.
    • Fixed crash MEmu when clicking the “Recent APPs” button in some games in DirectX mode.
    • Fixed black screen after creating a large number of emulators (more than 1,800).
    • Fixed an issue where you could not click to install the downloaded apk file in the system browser.
    • Fixed an issue where some shooters were interrupted like PUBG Mobile.
    • Fixed bug where MEmu sometimes crashes when creating diagnostic reports.
    • Fixed keyboard mapping macro error: “mapkey”.
    • Fixed a bug where MEmu took too long to export a version.
    • Fixed functional bugs of old versions (before 6.0.1) compared to new versions. New versions can be updated directly by installing the update.
    • Fixed an occasional interrupted batch boot issue.
  • Games & Apps
    • Call of Duty Mobile: Optimize Smart mode of keymap. Grenades & smart healing are available. Players can use various widgets just by pressing one key. Fixed graphics in DirectX mode and crashed game on startup.
    • Free Fire: Fixed graphics bug in DirectX mode and black screen in some event pages.
    • Clash of Kings: Optimize rendering performance and reduce resource usage when playing multiple versions.
    • PES 2020: Fixed black screen in OpenGL mode.
    • Knives out: Fixed some graphics bugs in DirectX mode.
    • Matchington Mansion: Fixed some graphics bugs in DirectX mode.
    • 超 異域 公主 連結! Re: Dive (tw.sonet.princessconnect): Fixed the black screen when starting the game and lagging while playing.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 12

MEmu 6.2.7

  • New point:
    • Greatly improved graphics performance.
    • You can now start activity recording, sync and screen recording using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F1, Ctrl + F9, Ctrl + F5) on the home screen (Home).
    • Now MEmu (Android) notification will appear in Windows interface (in notification center).
    • More performance options for low-end PCs (with one or two core CPUs).
    • When MEmu runs in virtual machines (without graphics card), DirectX will be the default option.
Memu software to emulate android operating system on windows 1137 13
  • Error correction
    • Fixed an issue where icons and text might not be displayed properly.
    • Fixed Synchronizer not working sometimes.
    • Fixed a bug where MEmu had 63% installation error when initializing on some laptops.
    • Fixed an issue where MEmu could not reboot sometimes.
    • Fixed an issue where the CPU usage is too high.
    • Fixed network connection error when setting DNS in NAT mode.
    • Fixed an issue where the shooting mode was not valid when entering full screen mode.
    • Fix error when accessing, displaying V.
    • characters
    • Fixed some other minor bugs.
  • Game / application compatibility
    • Gaming 街 球 對決 no longer crashes at startup.
    • Now players can install Game of Thrones Conquest without fail.

Other versions of MEmu:

  • MEmu 7.2.5
  • MEmu 7.2.2
  • MEmu 7.2.1
  • MEmu 7.1.6
  • MEmu 7.1.3
  • MEmu 7.1.2
  • MEmu 7.1.1
  • MEmu 7.0.9
  • MEmu 7.0.8
  • MEmu 7.0.5
  • MEmu 7.0.3
  • MEmu 7.0.2
  • MEmu 7.0.1
  • MEmu 6.5.1
  • MEmu 6.3.7
  • MEmu 6.3.2
  • MEmu 6.2.9
  • MEmu 6.2.5
  • MEmu 6.2.3
  • MEmu 6.2.1
  • MEmu
  • MEmu 5.5.8
  • MEmu 5.2.3
  • MEmu 5.2.2
  • MEmu 5.2.1
  • MEmu 5.1.1
  • MEmu
  • MEmu
  • MEmu 3.7.0
  • MEmu 3.6.9
  • MEmu 3.6.7
  • MEmu
  • MEmu 3.5.0
  • MEmu
  • MEmu 2.9.3

MEmu is a free Android emulator on PC. MEmu App Player 7.2.5 emulator allows players to experience the world of Android entertainment comfortably on the computer.