LG Wing reviews, rotating screen phone

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a number of foldable devices launch like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, and the Microsoft Surface Duo. Then LG got into the game with a rotating screen phone called the LG Wing.

LG Wing can rotate the screen 90 degrees and the result will be a large screen displayed horizontally above and below will be a small square screen. The screen above is quite thin because the new back is where all the components are located. The main screen is 6.8 inch in Full HD + resolution using an OLED panel, the secondary screen is 3.9 inch with Full HD resolution and is also equipped with an OLED panel.

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LG has created a special interface to optimize the use of two screens. When the user rotates the screen, the main screen displays a selection of applications. You can also choose which apps to display for each screen. Because the screen texture is quite strange, only a few optimized applications will work on this device. However, this is only experimental software and there may be more applications available when the full version of the device is sold.

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For example, you can use both YouTube and Chrome at the same time, or Spotify and Google Maps. This works quite similar to Microsoft Surface Duo, where the application still remembers the location even when the user turns off the phone and then re-opens it.

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If you are a driver then LG Wing will be quite useful for long driving trips. Quite a few drivers use two separate apps to navigate and play music or make phone calls, and the LG Wing should be able to do both at the same time.

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Some applications like YouTube also have their own navigation interface when watching landscape videos. This allows users to still view content on the home screen and change some settings such as brightness without affecting the usage experience.

This isn’t a “revolutionary change” feature of phone usage, but it’s also a fun feature to make it a little more enjoyable to use. LG has also put a lot of effort into designing the phone suitable for users.

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LG has also created some special camera modes that take advantage of this special element. There are two wide-angle sensors on the LG Wing: One for horizontal shooting and the other for vertical shooting. This enables the phone to record wide-angle videos when rotated horizontally. LG has also noticed that holding the camera is quite similar to holding a gimbal so it has added gimbal stabilization to the device.

For example, the user can rotate with the virtual lever and use modes such as vertical locking to feel as if the gimbal is in use. To use this feature, the camera has slightly cropped the frame to rotate the electronically along with electronic stabilization.

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When closed, the LG Wing is only a little thicker than a regular phone with a thickness of 10.9mm while that of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is 8.1mm. The machine is a bit thicker because it needs space for the rotating mechanism inside to work, but it is not too uncomfortable to use. When rotated horizontally, the bottom screen is as thick as a regular phone.

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On the bottom edge will be a USB-C port and external speaker. The right edge is where the power key and the volume key are located, the left edge will have the SIM tray. Pop-up selfie camera placed on the top edge. The volume is quite small.

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LG Wing has 3 rear cameras: The main sensor with 64MP resolution comes with a 13MP wide-angle sensor and another 12MP dfung wide-angle sensor for gimbal video recording. The second wide-angle sensor is rotated 90 degrees so you can shoot landscape videos when using gimbal mode. Selfie camera with 32MP resolution.

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In a market where foldable phones are evolving, it is quite interesting that a manufacturer has tried a refreshing way for users to interact with the device.

LG has yet to announce the price and market for the Wing. But according to the company, the selling price will be around $ 1,000 and will be sold by the first Verizon carrier, then AT&T and T-Mobile.