3D Wooden Puzzle Remote Control Car Robot Kit – DIY Kids Robotics Balancing RC Car

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3d Wooden Puzzle Remote Control Car Robot Kit Diy Kids Robotics Balancing Rc Car

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The perfect toy for young tinkerers and aspiring engineers who love hands on activities. This 3d mechanical wooden puzzle RC Balance Bot is eco-friendly with non-toxic materials and makes a great gift for boys or girls, birthdays, summer project or just a parent child activity where you'll have a blast. STEM learning toys help our children develop important skills while having a ton of fun. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

-Insert 2 AA batteries in the controller and charge the RC battery as needed.
-Power on the RC Car by flipping the switch, then power on the remote with it's switch to connect to the balance bot
-go forward with the two top buttons
-go backwards with the two bottom buttons.
-turn in place to the right with the right top button and bottom left button at the same time
-turn in place to the left with the left top button and bottom right button at the same time
Age: 10 & up
Build Time: Approximately 1-2 hours
Material: Laser Cut composite board
Other Components:
-2 motor
-2 Circuit board w/ wiring
-all tools and screws needed

Intended for use by children ages 10 and up. Children under age 10 or children prone to ingesting inedible objects must have an adult present. Adult supervision is always recommended as small parts can be a choking hazard

- ROBOTICS FOR KIDS: Build a remote controlled two wheel balance car all by yourself. This DIY 3d wooden puzzle has everything you need for hours of fun.
- COLOR IT AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN: This 3d wooden puzzle kit is made from eco-friendly materials that are easy to paint on. Use acrylic paint or markers to customize your RC Robot Car.
- BUILD IT YOURSELF RC CAR: Kids will build their own 3D Wooden Puzzle Balance RC Car in about 2 hours with easy to follow instructions, no experience necessary, and all tools included
- 3D WOODEN PUZZLE DIY TOY: is the perfect gift for young boys and girls who love hands on activities. Young tinkerers will love this gift for easter, birthday, Christmas, or just because.
- STEM LEARNING TOY (Science Technology Engineering Math) Work Together with your child on this fun educational project where kids learn hand eye coordination, problem solving, attention to detail, and creative skills.

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