Katy Perry gave birth to the first daughter of Orlando Bloom

The news that Katy Perry gave birth to his first daughter was flooded with the world’s leading entertainment newspapers.

A series of major entertainment newspapers in the world simultaneously reported that singer Katy Perry gave birth to her first daughter with actor Orlando Bloom. This information was posted by the official Twitter of UNICEF because she is the goodwill ambassador of this organization, and according to the disclosure, the famous couple’s little princess named Daisy Dove Bloom.

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Sharing with UNICEF, Katy – Orlando couple could not hide their joy: “We are as happy as in the clouds with love and extremely surprised that our daughter is born safely and healthy”.

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The couple added: “But we know we are the lucky ones and that not everyone can have a peaceful birth experience like us. Many communities around the world are still experiencing it. a shortage of health-care workers and a pregnant woman or infant dies every eleven seconds, mostly from preventable causes “.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many more small creatures are at risk of lack of water, soap, vaccines and preventive medicine. As a new parent, this broke our hearts, we feel more sympathetic to parents who are in trouble in the world than ever before “.

According to information, Katy is 10 months pregnant and makes people feel impatient when not in labor like many other pregnant mothers. She even joked: “I want movies and TV shows to update that women can be more than 10 months pregnant instead of 9 months”.

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