Singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom have just welcomed her daughter Daisy.

On the night of August 26, Orlando Bloom showed the good news and revealed the image of a little angel who was just born on Instagram with 4.4 million followers. In the picture, the baby holds his father’s hand and Katy Perry holds his father’s hands tightly. She draws a white daisy on her fingernail.

Katy perry gave birth to her first child 37

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Little daughter of Orlando and Katy Perry.

“Welcome to this world, Daisy Dove Bloom!”, Orlando shared. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor also confided to fans: “We are soaring for love and magic when a daughter is born safely and healthy”.

The little princess of Orlando and Katy is named after the song Daisy that Katy Perry released in May. The 35-year-old singer filmed the MV of this song while she was pregnant with her daughter. Many fans guessed she would use the name of the beautiful flower to give her.

Katy perry gave birth to her first child 37 1

Katy Perry has elected more than 40 weeks to give birth.

For the past week, Katy Perry has been anxiously waiting for the day of the baby’s birth. The pop star said that she was more than 40 weeks pregnant and has yet to show signs of giving birth so she is impatient. After many days of waiting, Katy finally had the joy of becoming a mother. The baby is her first child and the second child of Orlando Bloom. The actor has a 10-year-old Flynn son with his ex-wife – supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Katy perry gave birth to her first child 37 2

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are faintly happy when their daughter is born.

On the occasion of her daughter Daisy’s birth, as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, Orlando and Katy decided to set up a charity site for fans to raise money for medical equipment. A doctor delivers babies in difficult areas of the world.