Seeing cherry blossoms in Japan is something you can’t miss when traveling to this country when the weather also starts in the spring.

Japanese weather for cherry blossoms and Japanese travel

The time to see cherry blossoms is mainly from March to April. However, there are many places like Okinawa, cherry blossoms bloom early from January to February. Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, the weather is quite afternoon Please visit Japan to experience watching flowers.

Japanese weather season of cherry blossoms is quite cold and snowy, but then warms up. Formation like Tokyo, spring here the average temperature in March, daytime is about 13 degrees Celsius, at night and early morning about 5 degrees C. By April, daytime temperatures rise to 18.5 degrees, ban night and early morning about 10.5 degrees C. In May the temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius day and 15 degrees Celsius at night, early morning.

If you want to see cherry blossoms in a more pleasant atmosphere, you can choose Japanese travel time in the second half of spring (April, May), at this time you can watch cherry blossoms fall. Besides, you should bring warm clothes in your luggage to ensure that watching flowers does not affect your health.


Japanese weather for cherry blossoms and Japanese travel
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