Apera Instruments PH700 Benchtop Lab pH Meter, 0.01 pH Accuracy, 1-3 Points Auto Calibration, 3-in-1 pH/Temp. Electrode

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Apera Instruments Ph700 Benchtop Lab Ph Meter 0 01 Ph Accuracy 1 3 Points Auto Calibration 3 In 1 Ph Temp Electrode

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The Apera Instruments pH700 benchtop pH meter provides quick and stable pH readings for basic laboratory testing and educational purposes at an outstanding cost-effectiveness. Reliable measurement: with its quality 3-in-1 combination pH electrode and the advanced digital processing technology, the measuring of pH and temperature is quick, accurate and stable (accuracy: ±0.01 pH, range: 0 to 14.00 pH). splash-proof and dust-proof structure design, ideal for use in harsh environment. Intelligent functions: quick& easy auto calibration: automatically recognizes 6 types of pH standard solutions. 0 to 100˚c auto temperature compensation. 50 groups of data storage. Max/min measuring mode available, alternately displaying the maximum and minimum readings. Comes with an easy-to-install electrode holder and 3 bottles of premixed pH calibration solutions (4.00, 7.00, 10.01). the product is CE certified and comes with a two-year warranty for the meter; 6 months for the electrode.




Measuring Range

(0 to 14.00) pH


0.1/0.01 pH


±0.01 pH ±1 digit


±0.01 pH/3h ±1 digit

Temperature Compensation

(0 to 100)˚C (32 to 212˚F) Auto or Manual


1 to 3 points auto calibration


Measuring Range

±1999 mV


1 mV


±0.1% F.S ±1 digit


Measuring Range

0 to 100.0 ˚C (32.0 to 212 °F)


0.1˚C; 0.1/1°F


±0.5˚C±1 digit


Data Storage

50 groups

Storage Content

Numbering, measurements, unit, temperature, and status of temperature compensation

Power Supply


IP Rating

IP54 splash-proof and dust-proof

Dimensions and Weight

(9.5×9.3×4) inches / 2.2 pounds;

With case: (12*10*5) inches / 3 pounds


- Equipped with 201T-F 3-in-1 combination pH electrode, Auto temp. Compensation, measuring pH and temperature simultaneously
- Advanced Auto. calibration mode with calibration guide and self-diagnosis
- Advanced digital processing technology helps generate quick and Stable readings
- Comes with an easy-to-install electrode holder and pre-mixed calibration solutions
- IP54 spill-proof and dust-proof, durable and reliable; 50 Groups of data storage

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  • 	Charlie 	Thomas
    22 February, 2020

    Charlie Thomas

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  • 	Dominic 	Thomas
    21 February, 2020

    Dominic Thomas

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  • 	Thomas 	Brown
    18 February, 2020

    Thomas Brown

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  • 	Zane 	Thompson
    20 February, 2020

    Zane Thompson

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  • 	Adam 	Jones
    21 February, 2020

    Adam Jones

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Apera Instruments PH700 Benchtop Lab pH Meter, 0.01 pH Accuracy, 1-3 Points Auto Calibration, 3-in-1 pH/Temp. Electrode
starstarstarstarstar-half 4.4 out of 5 stars
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