HP probook 445 g7 laptop reviews part 4

With the overall benchmarking tool PCMark 10, ProBook 445 G7 achieved 5045 points in Express, on par with Core i7-10510U that I have experienced (5131 points).

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To the CineBench R20 rendering performance evaluation tool, ProBook 445 G7 achieved 473 single-core and 2805 multi-core points – according to Cinebench R20’s statistics, Ryzen 7-4700U is more powerful than Core i7-7700K desktop chip.

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Ryzen CPU performance score 7-4700U on GeekBench 4

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Integrated GPU performance score Radeon RX Vega 6

On GeekBench 4, the Ryzen 7-4700U chip has a single-core score that is slightly inferior to the Core i7-10510U (4647 points vs 4988) but outperforms the multi-core score (20342 points vs. 15868). At GPU performance, the Radeon RX Vega 6’s integrated graphics are even better than AMD’s own Radeon 625 discrete graphics, 2308 points versus 28177.

Gaming League of Legends, ProBook 445 G7 provides good stability at medium graphics settings. Below is a video that I captured using Windows’ Capture, showing that despite the reduced number of frames per second (fps) when shooting, HP’s laptop still maintained fps above 50, smoothly. When not recording, the fps fluctuates between 70-80, and if played on a softer map than the Arena of Truth, the ProBook 445 G7 can reach over 100 fps.

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Although only a 15W TDP, the Ryzen 7-4700U still emits a lot of heat under load, and sometimes the cooling system of the ProBook 445 G7 does not keep up. When rendering with CineBench R20, the Ryzen 7-4700U maintained a 3.5GHz all-core clock for a short time, before dropping to 3.1-3.2GHz. The maximum temperature that this CPU records when rendering is 88 degrees Celsius, feeling warm from the keyboard, but when the benchmark stops, the temperature also drops very quickly.

Gentle one-day battery, 65W fast charge included

The ProBook 445 G7 is equipped with a 45Whr battery, which is not too abundant but still enough for a light working day. Surfing the web, typing this article and occasionally entertaining YouTube at 70% brightness, ProBook 445 G7 still “wobbles” home with 5% battery.

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Comes with a 65W charger for fast charging speed. Charging the phone in an hour gets 78% of the battery, and is fully charged in 1 hour and 36 minutes. If you have a charger that supports the Power Delivery standard, you can also charge the ProBook 445 G7 via the USB-C port on the device.


HP ProBook 445 G7 Review Video

With all this in mind, the HP ProBook 445 G7 is a portable choice for business users to consider. The brightest point, undisputedly, is the powerful performance from the Ryzen 7-4700U chip, but the sturdy monolithic aluminum design, water-proof keyboard and accompanying security features are what ProBook does. The 445 G7 is outperforming other products in its price range.

The only point that HP needs to improve on this ProBook 445 G7 is that the bezels still belong to 2019. Narrow bezels will not only reduce the size of the laptop but also give the viewing experience wide. Spacious, more open, even if the price is pushed up a bit, it’s still a trade-off that I think a lot of users are willing to agree.