HP probook 445 g7 laptop reviews part 3

The touchpad surface of ProBook 445 G7 is also made of aluminum, click-pad type, accepting both touch and physical click through the two sink buttons below. Support Windows Precision driver, users can set off gestures such as switching tabs, zooming images, …

Don’t expect too much, but the ProBook 445 G7’s external speakers are better than I expected. The bass band “has like no” is an inherent weakness on laptop speakers in general, this time is no exception, but the volume of ProBook 445 G7 is large, not shy, mid-range is bright, meeting listening needs. Simple music on Spotify or Youtube.

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Many built-in security features

Referring to a business laptop, it is impossible not to mention the security features that come with the machine. With ProBook 445 G7, it is equipped with Synaptics FS7604 fingerprint sensor, for fast and accurate opening speed. In some versions, ProBook 445 G7 also has an infrared sensor next to the webcam to unlock the face through Windows Hello, however that option has not appeared on the experience machine.

On the software side, aimed at focusing on security mechanisms for small businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT department, ProBook 445 G7 comes pre-installed with Client Security Suite Gen 3. These are basically Security features add to the available Windows options, in addition to a number of proprietary solutions such as Power-on Authentication, which requires the user to enter a password or fingerprint as soon as the power is turned on, not yet started. Windows, or One Step Logon allows users to only need to authenticate once in the Power-On step and will go straight to the desktop, without going through the Windows login step.

In addition, ProBook 445 G7 is equipped with SureStart technology that protects and restores the BIOS to its original state in the event of an attack. As HP explains, each time the computer is turned on, Sure Start will automatically check the BIOS source code to look for any unauthorized changes and restore to factory settings if necessary. While the user is using the machine, Sure Start continuously monitors the memory, in the event of an attack will create a copy of the BIOS and separate it from the system in less than 1 minute.

Strong performance, wide way to upgrade

Specifications of the machine on CPU-Z and GPU-Z

Has 8 cores and 8 threads, base clock 2GHz up to 4.1GHz, Ryzen 7-4700U processor is one of the most powerful 15W TDP chips at the moment, just inferior The Ryzen 7-4800U has 8 cores / 16 threads and competes fairly with Intel’s Core i7 Gen 10 chip. The Experience version has 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD, users can expand to up to 16GB of RAM and add 1TB of traditional hard drive.

But even with its default configuration, ProBook 445 G7 can do almost everything, from simple tasks like Office, surfing the web with more than 10 Chrome tabs to playing League of Legends gaming Voice, photo editing via Lightroom, Photoshop. The extra RAM slot for upgrades is a plus, for users with high multitasking needs, but unfortunately the ProBook is limited to a maximum of 16GB of RAM, instead of 32GB.

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