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How to see wifi password on desktop windows 7 windows 10

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There are many times when we are asked for the current wifi password we are using but cannot remember. So what to do? How to view wifi password on windows 7 windows 10 that article introduces to readers below is the necessary information to be able to review the password and provide it to others when needed.

Wifi is connecting to the computer at the time that you are using the computer and connecting to that one wifi. How to view wifi password on desktop windows 7 windows 10 helps you to retrieve the current wifi password you are using when you don't remember.

1. How to view connected wifi password on desktop windows 10

Step 1 : To view the connected wifi password on Windows 10 operating system in this way, click on the Taskbar to display the wifi icon -> right-click and select  Open Network & Internet settings .

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Step 2 : In this window that appears on the screen, you Change adapter options to enter the network management and connected wifi.

Step 3 : Next, click on the wifi you are using and double click to open its settings .

Step 4 : In the wifi status of the device, click on Wireless Properties .

Step 5 : Finally, click on Security -> select show characters and you will see the connected Wifi password on Windows 10 operating system in the Network security key section .

2. How to view wifi password on windows 7 windows 10 computer via Run tool 

This is a quick way to see the password on Windows 7 and 10 desktop computers and follow these basic steps:

Step 1 : Open the Run dialog box by using the Windows + R key combination . After the Run tool starts, enter the command ncpa.cpl into the dialog box and press Enter or OK .

Step 2 : When a Network Connections dialog box appears on the screen, double-click to open the Wi-Fi item. At this point, the Wi-Fi Status dialog box is displayed, click on the Wireless Properties item , switch to the Security tab and click Show Characters to be able to display the password of the connected wifi.

The above are two ways to view wifi passwords on windows 7 windows 10 desktop computers with currently connected wifi, what about wifi that was once connected but not currently used by you?

3. View wifi password on windows 7 windows 10 computer with Command Prompt / Powershell

First, you need to open the cmd tool and run it as administrator .

For windows 7 operating system , click Start -> enter cmd in the search bar -> a list of results appears, then right-click on the cmd.exe file and select Run as administrator .

As for the Windows 10 operating system , you need to press the Windows + X key combination and select Command Prompt / powershell (Admin) .

After the cmd window appears on the screen, use the following command to see the name of the wifi network you have ever connected to. It will bring up a list of all the networks you have ever joined.

Enter the command netsh wlan show profile and press Enter to execute the command.

As you can see in the picture above, my computer has been connected to 11 wifi networks. Now you want to see the password of which wifi network, use the following command: netsh wlan show profile-name-network-want-see key=clear

For example, if you want to see the wifi password of the XomTro network, I will use the following command line: netsh wlan show profile DungMai key=clear and press Enter to execute the command

Very simple, right guys, so you can see the password of DungMai network in the Key Content section .

Just now are the simple and detailed ways to see the password on the Windows 7 Windows 10 desktop computer that is connected or has been connected. Hope the article is useful and useful to you. Wishing you success.

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