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How to Reset and restore Windows 10 computer settings to factory defaults

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Your operating system after a period of use will often accumulate a lot of junk software, making the computer slow. And Microsoft has integrated a tool that can help you restore Windows as it was when it was first installed. The following article will guide you how to reset Windows 10 computer settings to factory defaults .

1. Why reset windows

There are many reasons why you are forced to Reset after using Windows for a long time:

– Your computer contains a lot of junk software that you do not use

Maybe you are interested!

– Computer works quite slow for no reason

– The computer has a hardware driver error that the user cannot reinstall

Or you simply want to use new windows.

2. How to Reset and restore Windows 10 computer settings 

Step 1 : First, click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen -> then select Settings

Step 2 : After the setting window appears, select update & security

Step 3 : Select Recovery -> then select get started at Reset this PC

Step 4 : There will be two options for you here:

Keep my files : Delete apps and software that have been installed on the computer but will still keep the files in the user folder, by default that folder is in the cUsers username path

Remove everything (select this if you want to reset windows to the newly installed state): This option means that you agree to delete all applications, software and clean the installation partition. operating system or the entire hard drive like new. It depends on your needs and what reset method you want to choose

Method 1 : When you choose Keep my files to clean the Windows operating system but still want to keep your personal documents.

Once selected, windows will list out the software that will be removed. Users can Next -> and then Reset to start. Windows will restart immediately which will begin the process of reinstalling the operating system.

Reset speed may depend on the amount of data to be erased. You just need to wait about 30 minutes to enjoy the clean operating system.

Method 2 : When you select Remove everything to completely clean the operating system including drivers and files

Wait a minute

Update one more image: After the window appears as shown below, please select Only the driver where windows is installed . Absolutely do not select All drives because otherwise all data on the hard drive will be lost.

Step 5 : A new window interface appears and here there are also two options for you

Just remove my file : This option helps you to delete quickly and means that after deleting, you can still use data recovery software for you to restore. Just like that Quick Format USB option.

Remove files and clean the drive : wipe the data and it is very difficult for you to recover the data, but the disadvantage of this option is that the data deletion time is quite long. This method is only useful in the case that after you have reset your computer, you will sell or give it to someone else. So if you still use it, you don't need to choose this option to waste time.

Select  Just remove my files

Step 6 : A message in the next window with content as shown below, you can click the Reset button to be able to perform the process of restoring the computer to a new state.

The reset is in progress, so please wait

It will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, so please take advantage of other things.

Step 7 : After the reset is complete, select the time zone again and click Next to continue and set it up as shown below.

Click Accept to agree.

Step 8 : Here, you can click Customize settings to be able to customize settings or click Use Express settings to install according to the default settings of Microsoft publisher.

Next, you choose I own it and click Next to continue

Step 9 : Here if you have a Microsoft account, you can log in immediately, or if you don't have one, you want to log back in later, then click Skip this step to continue.

Step 10 : Please set a username and password to be able to log in to windows. If you do not want to set a login password, in the password input box, leave it blank and click Next.

So it's done. Your Windows 10 operating system has completely returned to the way it was when it was new.

Reset Windows 10 is also quite simple, isn't it? Good luck.

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