His left arm has a large keloid scar right at the time of his childhood vaccination. Ask your doctor how to treat scarring safely?

How to remove scars caused by childhood vaccination

The scar makes me self-deprecating, not daring to wear a shirt or a short-sleeved dress. Please consult your doctor about home scar treatment for convenience. This scar is large, itchy. How to improve this situation?


Keloid scars caused by small vaccinations as you describe are not dangerous to health but only cause aesthetic loss. Because the scar has formed for too long, treatment with topical drugs has almost no effect. Therefore, the treatment of “handy” home scars cannot be done.

You should go to a reputable dermatology clinic so that specialist doctors can directly examine and evaluate scarring. From there, help you find the most optimal plan to treat scars. Keloids treatment not only has a method of scarring but also has many other options that combine to bring greater effectiveness.

How to remove scars caused by childhood vaccination
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