My left hand burns and leaves a scar. Please ask, are there any cosmetic treatments that restore the skin or reduce those scars?

How to remove burn scars?

How much will my hand recover and what is the cost of cosmetic surgery, doctor?


Treatment of scars in general and burn scars in particular is not simple. With the current advances, we cannot remove scarring yet. Treatment only obscures, minimizes and reduces the ability of the scar to limit its function.

Want to treat scars like the image above need to assess on many angles and many factors. For example, age of scarring, age of patients, type of scar (convex, concave or hypertrophy …), location, size, surrounding tissues must also be examined and evaluated. Medical diseases (diabetes, hypertension, liver bile), allergy drugs and foods must also be thoroughly investigated.

Scar treatment is a specific process of examination and evaluation on patients. You need to go to the hospital to be consulted and consulted by specific specialists.

How to remove burn scars?
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