How to reduce heat and lag for the phone when playing games?

Tips to prevent your phone from overheating while playing games.

Summer is the perfect time to relax after months of intense study. And this is also the time when your “plowing game” is not restricted by your family. You can play games on your computer, or you can play them on your phone too.

How to reduce heat and lag for the phone when playing games 610

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However, “plowing game” on summer days is a challenge for your phone. The device will heat up very quickly and drain the battery, reducing performance. How to get rid of this situation? This article will give you tips to avoid the status of your beloved smartphone “hot like a fire” when playing the game, as follows.

Shut down all background applications

Sure, in addition to the game, your smartphone is installed with many different applications such as Facebook, Youtube, photo editing software … to serve or practice, as well as the need to solve the problem. contact.

How to reduce heat and lag for the phone when playing games 610 1

Besides the benefits these applications bring, the fact that they run in the background consumes space of the device, especially in terms of RAM and battery. This will significantly affect the processing speed of the computer when you start the game.

Therefore, before playing games you should free up RAM, ROM and other resources of your computer. To do this simply you need to close all applications running in the background.

Gaming always takes up a lot of resources, so closing applications running in the background will help your phone avoid overloading, thereby less likely to overheat during gameplay. In addition, the removal or freezing of unused applications also helps the machine optimize resources better.

Remove the case

Following the introduction of new phone models, case accessories are also mass produced to serve the needs of protection and decoration for each phone. The advantage of these cases is that they are safe and sturdy, can protect your phone well after a long time of use, as well as decorate the outer shell of the phone.

How to reduce heat and lag for the phone when playing games 610 2

However, these eye-catching and safe cases still have downsides, and in that, heat is not radiated, leading to overheating. Therefore, when playing heavy games, you should remove the case for better heat dissipation.

Turn off unnecessary connections

Connections like 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC … should only be turned on when needed. Specifically, if you play online games, you only need to use either 4G or Wi-Fi. And if you play offline games, you do not need to turn on these connections, because every time you turn on Wi-Fi, 4G, the ads in the free apps and games will automatically launch in the background, causing battery drain.

Avoid playing games at high temperatures

High temperatures make chemical processes in the battery chaotic, which not only causes the battery to be depleted quickly but is also the main cause of battery bottle condition.

How to reduce heat and lag for the phone when playing games 610 3

Therefore, it’s best to keep your device in a cool place (preferably in front of a fan) to play games, to avoid direct sunlight. And note, when playing the game if you find the device is too hot, please think temporarily to cool down.

Turn off automatic screen light adjustment

The screen and CPU are the most draining parts of a smartphone. What everyone knows is that the brighter the screen, the higher the battery loss will be. Auto-brightness mode is an effective solution for many people but is not really suitable for gaming because it will quickly drain your device’s battery.

Therefore, it is recommended that you turn off the auto-adjust screen light and keep the screen at minimum brightness in standby mode. And when playing games, set the brightness to a moderate level.

Update your operating system

New OS version can help optimize your device in terms of battery life, as well as performance while gaming. Therefore, check regularly and update to the latest operating system version for your device.

However, some new updates on iOS or Android often fail and drain the battery. It is recommended that you wait a few more days for specific reviews with the new update before deciding to update.

Don’t play games while charging

Gamers often focus on “battle” and will not hesitate to plug in if the battery is low while gaming. This is what causes the device to heat up very quickly and even creates the risk of fire.

How to reduce heat and lag for the phone when playing games 610 4

If possible it is best to fully charge the battery before playing games to avoid charging while playing.