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How to open Bluetooth on HP Laptop fastest

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Bluetooth is a tool to help users quickly share data between laptops. But if you don't know where the shortcut to turn on bluetooth is on the keyboard or can't find bluetooth anywhere, there are ways to enable bluetooth on your computer. So the following article will guide you how to open bluetooth on HP laptop quickly and simply and follow along.

If your HP laptop is using windows operating system, please check if the machine has bluetooth or not by

Open the Start icon by dragging your mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen or you can also click start to open the advanced settings menu.

Maybe you are interested!

Then open Device Manager by typing in the toolbar and the screen will show this window.

Next you have to find the bluetooth title near the top of the window, if yes, then you have integrated and vice versa.

1. How to open bluetooth on HP laptop with Windows 7 operating system

For Windows 7 is the operating system that is very popular with many people in Vietnam and is second only to Win XP in the number of users.

Step 1: First, drag your mouse to the Start Menu iconright at the bottom left corner of the screen -> then search for Control Panel on the toolbar -> next, select Nextword and Internet .

Step 2: Next, in the window that appears on your computer screen, Network and Internet , click on Nextwork and Sharing Center windows 7

Step 3: Next here, click on change adapter settings

Right-click on the Bluetooth Nextwork Connection item and finally select  Disable to be able to turn off Bluetooth (or if you want to turn on bluetooth, you will have to do the same.

Note: There are many people who do these steps above but can't see bluetooth and the reason may be that the hp laptop has not been installed with bluetooth driver, so please install the full driver for your laptop to do this. Enable and disable bluetooth function.

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2. How to open bluetooth on HP laptop with Windows 8 operating system

If you are using a laptop with Windows 8, 8.1 operating system, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: First, press the key combination windows + C (or you drag your mouse in the lower right corner to make the Charms bar)

Step 2: Next, select the setting item -> then continue to select the change PC setting -> click on the Wireless section -> finally click on the bluetooth item to open it as shown below.

On Windows 8.1, you also need to go to settings -> next, select change PC settings -> then click on PC and devices -> finally click on bluetooth and drag the bar to turn it on

3. How to open bluetooth on laptop with windows 10 operating system

For Windows 10 operating system, you are as follows:

Step 1: First, go to the Start Menu iconin the lower left corner of the screen

Step 2: Next, select the settings icon.

Step 3: On the screen of your HP computer, a table will appear and you select Devices

Step 4: Then in the Bluetooth & other devices section , activate the bluetooth function

(If you want to turn it off, do the same thing to turn bluetooth off)

Or you can do it much faster with Windows 10 operating system

You just need to click on the search box and then enter bluetooth, then select bluetooth setting

Next, slide over to turn on bluetooth and the computer will now scan for bluetooth transmitters and now you will be able to connect to the devices if you know the password or want to share data.

4. Other ways to enable bluetooth for HP laptop

– Enabled via Notification Area Icons panel

• Go to the Notification Area Icons panel and navigate to the Bluetooth logo, then Turn On (for Windows 7 operating systems)

If you can't find the bluetooth logo, go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Sevices and Printers -> right click on Computer and then select Bluetooth Settings -> check Show the bluetooth icon in the Notification Area

• Go to Settings then click Turn on (for OS 10)

Go to settings -> Devices -> More Bluetooth options -> Check Show the bluetooth icon in the Notification Area

– Enable via Run command

You press the Windows + R key combination and then use the fsquirt command , then press Enter to be able to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

I have shown you how to open bluetooth on HP Laptop fastest. I wish you success.

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