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How to open a locked word file that cannot be edited?

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Sometimes you download a text file with .docx format to your computer, but when it opens, it is not possible to edit the content inside this word file, but can only read it. So the following article will guide you how to open a locked word file that cannot be edited , follow along.

1. Why is the word file locked and cannot be edited?

The word file is locked from editing because the person who edited the document does not want others to edit their data.

Or you will see that the toolbars in that editing file are hidden, so it is impossible to manipulate anything on that file.

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2. How to open a locked word file that cannot be edited?

Using the Trust Center feature

If a word file is locked, all the features on the toolbar are hidden and cannot be manipulated.

Step 1 : First, go to the word file you just downloaded and click File and select Options .

Step 2 : In the next displayed Word Options panel, click on the Trust Center item and select Trust Center Settings ...

Step 3 : In the Protect View panel as shown below, uncheck the first 3 lines and click OK .

Finally, start the word file and you can easily edit the content inside with full toolbars.

By opening a locked word file that cannot be edited with this Trust Center feature, you can do it easily.

Convert word file to another format

By default, word files are hidden all editing tools and cannot be copied. If you want to copy the content, the only way is to retype the content from another text.

Step 1 : First from the File menu select Save as .

Step 2 : Choose the folder to save the file, rename the file if you want and the most important operation is that I will not save the file as a Word Document anymore, but convert it to Single File Web Page format . Then click Save to be able to save the text file.

Step 3 : After saving the file as Single File Web Page , you will see on your computer screen appear with a file like the image below.

Step 4 : Now you just need to double click to open the file and it will display as a website and in this section will include all the content on the file that was locked to edit and copy before.

You can copy these data to another word file and easily do what you want.

On this article, I have shared how to open a locked word file that cannot be edited with simple tips. Hope this article has provided useful and useful information for you. Wishing you success.

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