How to make money from Cryptocurrency exchange Stormgain

In today's article, you and I are in the section "Earning interest on the Stormgain exchange 10%/1 year based on your Coin" to introduce you to the policy of paying 10% interest/year, the mechanism of How to help you take advantage of your savings interest from the Coins you have deposited on Stormgain.

There are many ways to make money from trading cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will show you how to make a profit from buying and selling cryptocurrency on a cryptocurrency exchange. You can sign up for an account to try it out. However, I recommend you to use Binance for trading. Sign up for a free account. This is a reputable, highly secure, full-featured and easy-to-use exchange.

How to make money from Cryptocurrency exchange Stormgain 1

1. What is the policy of 10%/year interest rate?

1.1 There is a need to invest with low interest rates but high safety in return

As we all know cryptocurrency is an investment channel that generates great returns for some investors but with that comes, of course, high risk.

However, recently, the market has not increased strongly, so some investors have started to look for investment options that are less risky and accept lower returns.

Maybe you are interested!

Realizing that there is a need for safe low-risk investments (although low returns are still attractive to many investments), some trading platforms have begun to offer investment packages that offer respectable interest rates. but less risky. Among them is StormGain – which offers a fixed 10% annual interest rate on USDT deposits.

Although 10% sounds small compared to the potential profits that can be achieved when we trade cryptocurrencies, it greatly reduces the risk, adding 1 more option for those who want more income. passive income from his savings deposit.

Currently, StormGain is ranked as the #1 preferred interest rate provider by CoinMarketCap

1.2 How is the interest rate of Stormgain exchange compared to other parties

All customers have at least 100 USD worth of crypto in their website wallet with a fixed 10% APR.

This means that customers holding $10,000 in Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP) or Ethereum (ETH) will receive $1,000 per year in interest. .

The offer is very interesting compared to other units. For example, BlockFi offers interest of up to 6.2% on Bitcoin deposits, while Ethereum deposits earn only 4.1%. Other crypto investment platforms are following a similar trend, offering different interest rates on different crypto deposits.

Overall, StormGain is looking to lead the market by generating a return on Bitcoin investment – ​​easily eclipsing its closest competitor BitTrue (7.3% BTC deposits). In addition, StormGain extends interest payment support to other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BCH, LTC.

As for the USDT interest, there is high competition. is also at 10%/1 year, while Bitrue has a slight increase of 10.3% APR.

1.3 Investment limit on Stormgain exchange

One of the main things to consider with any crypto investment product is its investment limit. For the most part, cryptocurrency investment platforms will enforce both minimum and maximum amounts that can be invested – but not all make it entirely clear what these limits are. what.

At StormGain, deposit amount:

  • Minimum get $100 profit deposited into their account. This StormGain offer is roughly on par with most other similar investment products. Compare with competitors: requires a minimum deposit of $20, BlockFi $25, Binance $100 and Nexo $1,000.
  • Maximum receive up to $50,000 in profit deposited into their account. StormGain offers are acceptable. Overall, StormGain is a suitable option for those who want to invest under $50,000. However, those with a budget greater than $50K can split their funds into StormGain and another platform like Binance, Nexo to take full advantage of their savings.

1.4 Assessment of the issue of risk

The risk for StormGain is quite low if the interest rate is only about 10%/year

Nexo is also a low-risk platform as all investments made on the platform are backed with an insurance fund of up to $100 million.

The only risk here is probably the exchange being hacked or hacked. For example, even Binance and Bitfinex are extremely reliable exchanges but both of these exchanges have suffered from hacker attacks in the past which resulted in significant loss of customer funds.

1.5 Why Stormgain can pay interest up to 10% a year

Surely many people will wonder why the exchange can pay interest up to 10% a year.

The answer is: Stormgain exchange is also a margin trading platform. Where margin traders will have to borrow from the broker to use their leverage.

Eg: If a trader has 1000 USDT, the exchange will allow Trader to open a trade of 5000 USDT for Trader using investor's funds. Of course, this is not free for traders – a fee is charged for the use of borrowed funds. On average, depending on the instrument and type of transaction, the fee can be 14% per year, while 10% is returned to you deposited on the exchange as a profit share.

2. How to get 10%/year interest

You only deposit Coins worth at least $100. All users with at least 100 USD worth of cryptocurrency deposited on the exchange will automatically enroll in the promotion that pays interest. Interest will be paid in tether (USDT) within 30 days after the start of accumulation.

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I wish you success.

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