How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop

For a laptop, installing the driver for it after you've installed the windows operating system is quite familiar. And in order for your laptop to be able to catch wifi and access the internet, you need to install the wifi driver for the device. If you want to install it, it is quite simple for those of you who are not blind to technology and below I will show you how to install wifi drivers for your HP laptop.

1. How to install wifi driver for HP laptop

Step 1: Plug your network cable into the HP computer. If you cannot access the Internet via Wi-Fi, you can also go to the internet by connecting the upper LAN port on your HP laptop to the LAN port on the router with an Ethernet cable.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 1

Step 2: You press the Windows + S key combinationto open the search box. With this step to determine the appropriate driver for the wireless network card (ie the Wi-Fi card) you need to know its name. Look for the information in the Device Manager section .

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 2

Maybe you are interested!

Step 3: Type devmgmt.msc into the search box and then press Enter , then Device Manager will appear on the screen.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 3

Step 4: Go to the Network Adapters section (the network adapter) in the list of devices. A list of all adapters and networks on the computer will open and there will be an entry containing the word wireless.

If you don't see any option from Wireless , right-click each driver and choose from Properties . The wireless network card will be displayed under the Wireless Card line below the type (type).

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 4

Step 5: Click the Driver tab .

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 5

Step 6: Note down its name and Wi-Fi adapter version. And the name of the adapter (wireless network) will be at the top of the Driver card.

For example, the name of a wireless network card is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 .

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 6

Step 7: Navigate to the Support section of the NSX Wi-Fi card . This is where you will find links to download drivers for HP laptop devices.

For example, if your wireless network card is manufactured by Intel, go to 's website and click on Support .

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 7

Step 8: Search for it by the name of the Wi-Fi card. This is the name that you recorded earlier. After the user finds the Wi-Fi card, click on the link to immediately access the product's website.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 8

Step 9: Download the drivers for your Windows operating system versions. You may need to click on a link with something like Download, Software or Drivers to find the downloaded links.

Most organizations provide drivers in .exe format , so it's easy for you to download and install.

Save the downloaded file in an easy-to-remember location such as the Downloads folder or the desktop.

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2. Use 3DP Net to install wifi driver for HP laptop

Using this application is extremely simple because 3DP NET is already supported in Vietnamese. And here are some basic steps you can take a look at:

Step 1: After the software has been downloaded -> then double-click your computer on the file to be able to start using it. In the first interface, the 3DP NET application will have to decompress according to this path: C:3DPNet1703

Step 2: You can also change the extracted folder -> and then click OK . I have to keep the defaults of the program.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 9

Step 3: If the interface of the program is still not in Vietnamese, you can click on the ABC icon as shown below to be able to switch to Vietnamese language for your ease of use.

Select the language you want -> click OK to agree.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 10

Step 4: You click on the icon with the plus sign -> now you will see a list of the network cards available on the HP laptop and it is in the right column.

You select each network card (1) -> and then click (2) to be able to start the installation again for that network card. You can see the picture below to understand immediately.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 11

Step 5: Click Next to start the installation.

Maybe it appears in the window below and you have to click  Install to be able to start the installation.

How to install wifi driver for HP Laptop 12

Step 6: The installation process has been completed and you click Finish to complete.

Step 7: Now click on the icon of the Wifi network to start connecting to the internet

To access the Internet management section (Network Connections), you can quickly access it by opening the Run dialog box (hold and click the Windows + R key combination ) -> then enter the command ncpa.cpl - > finally press Enter to execute.

Date published: 26/01/2022
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