How to install and use Firewall App Blocker

If you are a tech-savvy person, you will probably know about Firewall App Blocker  - powerful and useful computer protection software. To learn more about this software, let's learn together with article below.

What is Firewall App Blocker?

Firewall App Blocker is a software created to help users who do not have much knowledge about the firewall tool (Windows Firewall) to manage it well and at the same time use it most effectively.

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In the Windows operating system, you can use the Windows Firewall tool to block or unblock certain applications and software. However, to use the advanced features of the firewall is quite inconvenient for those who are not very tech-savvy.

For example, if you want to block an application from accessing the internet, when using the firewall you need to perform the following steps:

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Click Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen, then search for and open Control Panel .

After the new window appears, select System & Security .

In the Firewall section, select Allow a program through the Windows Firewall .

If the program you want to block or unblock will not be listed, you need to click Allow another program to proceed with adding it. Select the application in the list and select Add . Finally browse the hard drive to find it about like that. This may seem rather complicated to the user.

Firewall App Blocker was created to make this process simpler. You just need to drag and drop the application you want to block in the FAB window or browse the hard disk to find it. Usually used for locking software like Corel…

Main features of Firewall App Blocker

This Firewall App Blocker application is quite handy, easy to use and flexible to extend the functionality of the firewall.

How to install and use Firewall App Blocker 2

Gives you instant access to the most frequent firewall options.

Works well on most currently supported versions of windows such as Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Runs smoothly on the systray and allows you to control the root firewall conveniently and quickly.

Commonly used features of Firewall App Blocker

Firewall App Blocker is used by many people mainly to block internet access with applications and software after it has been cracked. This prevents the software from updating and fixing the crack.

Besides, Firewall App Blocker is also a software that helps you control the firewall extremely easily and also supports Vietnamese.

Note: Firewall App Blocker will not change the default settings of the firewall. If you use 3rd party antivirus, security, firewall software like Avast, they can disable your firewall. Firewall App Blocker only works properly if your firewall is enabled.

Configuration required to install and use Firewall App Blocker

In general, Firewall App Blocker software is very light and can run stably most of today's popular computer configurations.

  • Operating System: Windows Vista (x64 and x86), Window 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU or equivalent CPU or higher.
  • RAM memory: at least 1GB.
  • Hard drive space: at least 1MB free space.
  • Supported languages: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Finnish, English, Turkish, German, French, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovenian , Arabic, Portuguese, Greek, Persian, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Vietnamese.

How to install and use Firewall App Blocker software

Link to download Firewall App Blocker v1.6 :

Step 1 : After downloading Firewall App Blocker to your computer, you proceed to run File Fab.exe with 32-Bit windows and Fab_x64.exe with 64-Bit windows run with Administrator rights to launch the software. .

How to install and use Firewall App Blocker 3

Step 2 : For convenience during use, please change the language to Vietnamese .

Step 3 : To add the application, drag the application icon to the Firewall App Blocker software as follows.

How to install and use Firewall App Blocker 4

If you want to allow it access again, just click on it and choose to allow or select it and click Delete . Or you can also use Allow .

How to install and use Firewall App Blocker 5

In this version, there are some additional features on the firewall menu, including Whitelist Mode, internet blocking and restrict firewall options, etc.

What is WhiteList mode?

It will block everything except white listed items. To enable it, check the box Enable WhiteList in the lower right corner, WhiteList mode denies access to all network interfaces. After enabling WhiteList mode, you drag and drop the application / application on the Firewall Application Blocker interface to allow it. This is the most desirable feature.

Once the Add to exe context feature has been enabled from the options menu, you can block/unlock specific applications right from the context menu of Windows Explorer. Right-click any .exe file and easily add it to the Windows firewall.

This context menu item can also be changed to show only when you press the Shift key. To do this, select Use Shift to display.

Thus, article has just introduced to you the Firewall App Blocker software and how to install it. Hope you will have a comfortable experience with this software.

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