How to increase the fingerprint sensor sensitivity in the screen on Samsung

If you are feeling the fingerprint sensor feature in your Samsung phone is not fast and the feeling is inaccurate, here is how to increase the fingerprint sensor sensitivity in the upper screen. Samsung, you can check it out!

Lately, many users have complained about the fingerprint sensor feature is not fast and not very accurate. So please apply one of the following ways to increase the sensitivity of the fingerprint sensor in the screen on Samsung offline!

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Tips to increase the sensitivity of the in-screen fingerprint sensor on Samsung

Method 1: Turn off Bio on your Samsung phone

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone, swipe and select Apps, then tap on the three dots in the top right corner, select Show system apps.

Step 2: After you have finished opening the entire system application, click on the top search button, then enter the word “Bio” and Select the application shown below.

Search for “Bio” and select the application shown below

Step 3: At the Bio application interface, select the battery line, select Optimize battery usage.

Then you select Optimize battery usage

Step 4: Under Optimized battery usage, continue to click on the search icon and Enter Bio then Turn off Bio.

Then press the Turn off Bio button as shown

Method 2: Turn on touch sensitivity for faster and more accurate fingerprint recognition

Enable touch sensitivity such as fingerprint recognition faster

This way, you also open the Settings app, then select Display, swipe down on the Touch Sensitivity line and select On.

Method 3: Set up and disable a few actions in Biometrics & Security

For disabling animation when unlocking.

Step 1: Open Settings, select Biometrics and Security, then select Fingerprints.

Disable operations in biometrics and security

Step 2: In the Fingerprint interface, under Show animation when unlocking, select Off.

Select Off mode Show animation when unlocking

For turning off transitions

Also under Biometrics and Security> Select Biometric Options> Turn off Screen Transitions.

Please turn off screen transitions

So, with 3 ways increase the fingerprint sensor sensitivity in the screen on Samsung above will partly help you to improve the fingerprint sensor sensitivity on Samsung devices.

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