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How to increase network speed and ability to catch wifi signal for laptop windows 10

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You are frustrated when you are surfing the web or watching a movie but the network is slow and unstable, interrupting the use of your computer. But you know that the Windows 10 operating system that you are using is the cause of the above situation. Therefore, the following article will guide you how to increase the network speed of wifi reception for laptop windows 10 .

1. Restart Modem, Router

This is the simplest and also quite effective way, sometimes the network is often unknown, this method will help the network to be restarted for all processes and maybe your network will be better than before. .

2. Turn off P2P Update feature on Windows 10

Maybe you are interested!

P2P is also known as peer to peer, so this feature helps computers in Windows 10 operating system to update easily and quickly. Simply put, when this P2P mode is on, your computer is both an updated computer and a server that allows you to share update files from your own machine to computers in the same system. This is a handy feature, but it will also consume a lot of bandwidth, so you must turn it off first if you want to speed up the internet in Windows 10.

Step 1 : Press the Windows + I key combination to enter the windows settings section , then here you click update & security

(Update & security is the part that allows you to manage security-related issues as well as update the windows operating system.

Step 2 : In windows update , click Advanced Options at the bottom.

Step 3 : Next, select Choose how updates are delivered in Advanced Options

And here, you leave this mode, you switch it to OFF, which means that the P2P mode will turn off and the user has successfully increased the network speed in Windows 10.

3. Turn off applications running in the background on windows

On the Windows 10 operating system, there are a few applications that allow running in the background, they will constantly exchange as well as receive information from the network. Although the traffic is not much, if a lot of people also run, it will cause bandwidth loss for you.

Step 1 : To turn off applications running in the background and speed up the Internet in Windows 10, you still go to Windows Settings by pressing the Windows + I key combination , then select Privacy .

Step 2 : When the window appears on the screen, click on Backgound apps and then turn off all of them at Let apps run in the back ground

If you want to turn off or turn on the applications running in the background at your own discretion, you have to choose manually below.

4. Turn off windows 10 update mode

Automatic Windows 10 operating system updates bring patches as well as performance improvements, including improving computer speed and increasing network speed in Windows 10, but inadvertently causes the network to slow down. your slow down without knowing why. If you really don't need it, please temporarily turn it off to speed up Windows 10 Internet.

Step 1 : First, press the Windows + R key combination and then enter the services.msc command and click OK to confirm that you have access to the process management section.

Step 2 : Next, find the item named Windows Update and then double-click it

Step 3 : In the Windows Update Properties section , just turn them off with the Disable option in the  Startup type section .

5. Use DNS to speed up the network

DNS is also a way for you to speed up Windows 10 Internet and surf the web faster. There are many fast DNS available today for users to choose from and most users are now using google publisher's fast DNS.

Step 1 : First click on the network icon you are connected to by right-clicking and then selecting the Open Network and Sharing Center item .

Step 2 : Then select the Ethernet item in the Network and Sharing Center section

Note: If you are connected to wifi, instead of showing Ethernet will be the name of the wifi

Step 3 : In the Network Sharing Center section , continue to select  Properties .

Step 4 : Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 in Ethernet Properties .

Finally, click Use the following DNS server addresses and enter Google's DNS and then click OK , so you have finished using DNS to be able to increase the network speed in Windows 10.

In addition to Google DNS, you can use other DNS like



6. Uninstall One Note

Surely you will be surprised to see One Note again on this list, indeed because this is an application that is considered slow in the system and it also arbitrarily exchange data, update data. . Also, if you don't use it anymore, remove it and the way to remove it is also very simple when you just need the Start Menu and then type one note and click on Uninstall to uninstall.

With the above instructions, now you probably know what to do when you want to increase Internet speed for Windows 10. Wish you success.

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