How to free up RAM to speed up iPhone

Until now, the iPhone has always been loved by users because of its smoothness when used. However, if you load too many applications on your device, causing the RAM to be full, the device will easily slow down, lag. So how to free up RAM for iPhone?

In the article below will introduce to you a tip to help free up RAM for iPhone in a snap and very simple!

How to free up ram to speed up iphone 103

How to free up your iPhone RAM fast

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Step 1 : First, download the Usage app on your phone. This application helps you to manage your device’s RAM capacity as well as other applications. You can download Usage for iOS.

After the download is complete, please access the Application Usage to check the current amount of RAM of the device.

How to free up ram to speed up iphone 103 1

Step 2 : Next, go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> AssistiveTouch> On .

Step 3 : Then you hold down the power button until the screen shows “ Slide to power off ” .

Step 4 : Tap Assistive Touch> press and hold your Home screen, then enter your phone password (if applicable) .

That’s it! You go to the Application Usage to check the amount of RAM again, you will see the capacity has decreased compared to the original.

You can do this multiple times to free up more RAM!