How to fix the application crashes unexpectedly on iPhone

During using iPhone, have you ever encountered an application that suddenly quit and repeated quite often? Please refer to how to fix it right in this article!

The sudden application exit on iPhone has many causes as well as how to fix it. Let’s take a look at the quickest and easiest to do in the article below!

How to fix the application crashes unexpectedly on iphone 97

Disable background apps

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Having too many applications running in the background will make your phone consume a lot of RAM, making it easy to jerk, lag. That is also one of the reasons why the application suddenly quit.

To overcome this situation, you just need to swipe to turn off all background applications.

How to fix the application crashes unexpectedly on iphone 97 1

Remove unused apps

Downloading too many applications to the device will take up a lot of the machine’s memory, causing the memory to be full. This makes the machine’s processing cumbersome and prone to problems like a sudden error of exiting the application.

To get rid of this, go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage> Select the app you want to remove> Remove app .

Clear app data

After a long time of using, the application will save a lot of data in the device, causing the memory to be full, the device is slow and it is easy for the application to exit suddenly.

To completely delete these data, please delete the app then reinstall , then the old data has been “cleaned up” cleanly, freeing up some content. amount for memory.

Factory reset

If you’ve tried the above and it doesn’t work, reset your iPhone to factory settings. This will probably help you to fix the problem of the application crashing unexpectedly.

Go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase all content and settings> Erase iPhone .

Hopefully with the above fixes of sudden app exit, you will solve this annoying error situation and have a great experience using your phone. Wish you success!