How to fix laptop with fan error

When using a laptop, you will encounter some unexpected errors such as fan error, etc. So do you know how to fix a laptop with fan error?

1. Signs of identifying a laptop with a fan error

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Fan error usually occurs when you start your computer. The screen displays the words Fan Error. You are quite confused about what happens to your computer. You continue to let the computer run, but in about 10-15 minutes, it suddenly shuts down.

You will notice that the cooling fan is still working normally, but the computer is off. When you reboot the device, it will return to the original state.

2. The cause of the laptop's fan error

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The status of a laptop with a fan error error is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Due to a conflict between the chip fan and the main.
  • Or you accidentally forgot to install the CPU fan on the Main.

In case you accidentally forget to install the CPU fan on the Main, it will be easier for you to handle. You just need to disassemble the laptop and then plug it back in.

However, the cause comes from the conflict between the chip fan and the Main, the fix is ​​a bit more complicated. Most people will recommend that you go to reputable laptop repair centers for technical staff to check the Fan. Along with that is the cleaning of the fan clean.

3. How to fix laptop with fan error 

Laptop is considered a companion with us in work and life. Because they are not only entertainment devices, but also extremely effective work tools.

If one fine day your computer suddenly shuts down after 10-20 minutes of use, don't worry too much. Because at this time, the laptop has a Fan Error error. You just need to perform a few steps to get your computer back to normal operation.

  • Check the status of the laptop's fan

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First, you need to review the quality of the laptop's fan is running well or not. If that fan is still working smoothly, this error condition may come from another cause. The next step, you need to check the overview of the fan power supply. In case the laptop screen appears the words [Fan Error], please immediately check the Bios.

You just need to determine where the cause comes from, then there is a solution to completely fix the problem of laptop with fan error.

However, if you are not a computer savvy person, you should not repair it because it is very easy to damage your laptop even more.

  • Fix laptop with fan error error due to incompatibility of fan and main

In case the chip fan and Main are in conflict with each other, you need to follow the steps below to fix the error.

Step 1 : First, restart your computer and press F2 repeatedly . Or with some other computer lines, you can also choose to press the F1 , F10 , or DEL key . This is how you can access the BIOS screen.

How to fix laptop with fan error 4

In case you cannot access the BIOS, please restart your computer one more time.

Step 2 : Then, you access the [Hardware Monitor] section . With some laptop computers owning a BIOS program called Hardware Monitor, such as: PC Health, H/W Monitor or Status, etc.

How to fix laptop with fan error 5

Step 3 : Next, select the [CPU Fan Speed] item . Next, switch back to [Ignored] mode .

Step 4: You press the F10 key to save all the changes that you have made. Finally, click OK to finish.

Date published: 13/02/2022
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