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How to fix boot device not found HP Laptop error

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One day when you are booting up your laptop to be able to use it, a message appears that says boot device not found , making you wonder what you did to make an error like this appear. After researching online, you can fix it at home without having to take it to a repair center to waste your time. So the following article I will guide the error boot device not found HP laptop  in the most specific and simple way. Please follow it carefully.

1. Error Boot device not found HP Laptop

It is an error about the computer system not being able to operate the operating system. This problem often occurs in windows when the user installs his new operating system or changes the device.

2. The cause of the error boot device not found hp laptop

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Your computer's Windows cannot boot because it cannot find the boot device that is your hard drive or sometimes there will be no partitions that can be marked as active. These are the two most common causes and can be easily fixed by you, and depending on the error status, you will receive the following messages:

No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine

No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key

Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk…

Or No Boot Device is Available

3. Fix boot Device not found hp laptop error on operating system

After finding out the causes of the boot Device not found hp laptop error, below will guide how to fix it.

– Use Boot Load default

It may be because your computer is setting the wrong BIOS standard when starting the laptop, the simplest way today is to reset to set up the BIOS, which is to be able to use the Setup Menu on the BIOS. To access the setup menu, restart your Hp laptop and press the delete key or the F2 key .

On the BIOS settings menu, you will find the Reset option . This option will have many different names such as: Load factory defaults, Load setup defaults, Reset to default, Clear BIOS settings or other similar names. You use the arrow keys of the computer to select the Reset option and then press Enter and then select  Yes to confirm the operating system.

At this point, the BIOS will restore the computer to its default settings.

– Change the standard of manual communication

If you apply the above method and it doesn't work, you can change the communication standard manually . First, check if you have installed the Windows operating system according to UEFI or LEGACY standards by going to Mini Windows  -> then you open the Partition Wizard software -> next you click Right-click on the hard drive (Basic section) to be able to check. (If your computer is MBR standard , the Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk line will light up and vice versa if it is GPT standard)

If your hard drive is in MBR format, it means that you have installed Windows according to the LEGACY standard . Of course, if you want your computer to boot up, you must set up your computer's BIOS according to the LEGACY standard, right.

Conversely, if your hard drive is in GPT format , it also means that you have installed the Windows operating system according to the UEFI standard . If you want your computer to boot up, you must set up the BIOS according to the UEFI standard.

Please check if the communication standard is compatible or not? If not then you must change it to match the drive format.

– Change Boot order

This error often occurs, it may be in the Boot menu that you have ignored or you have not listed the hard drive in the Boot list, to do this, please do the following:

Restart your computer and then press F2 or Delete to be able to enter the BIOS setup page. Then click on the Boot item in the BIOS utility's settings and try to check if the boot command is correct or not.

If the order is not correct, use the down and up arrows to move into the drive to make the device boot. Finally, press F10 to save the changes.

In short, to be able to fix the Boot Device No Found error when starting the computer, you need to reset the standard Hp laptop to communicate between the windows operating system and the computer in the BIOS so that it is compatible.

Above, I have specific instructions on how to fix boot device not found hp laptop error. Please read carefully and carefully when doing that operation. Hope you are succesful.

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