How to fix AirPods battery quickly running out

AirPods battery draining fast is a problem that some current AirPods users are facing. This is unavoidable if you have used the device for too long. But in this article, we will guide you to get back to Airpods battery style quickly. Please refer to!

AirPods drains the battery fast, then completely discharge the battery then recharge

How to fix airpods battery quickly running out 402

The AirPods drain the battery quickly, please discharge the battery and recharge again

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To solve AirPods battery draining fast the simplest thing is to use up AirPods battery including charging case and AirPod ear. Then fully charge the battery again and use it normally. If this does not improve the battery drain quickly, then perhaps your headphones are time to “rest”.

Use the reset method of Airpods

How to fix airpods battery quickly running out 402 1

Let’s restart Airpods

Another way to solve the battery drain problem in Airpods is to reset it by opening the Airpods cover and holding down the circular button behind the Airpods charging case. Wait until 10 seconds after the charging case light will turn white and you have successfully reset. So you have an Airpods to use normally.

Forget AirPods are pairing and then pairing

Forget this device and reconnect from scratch

Like above, go to Bluetooth of iPhone and click forget the device by clicking on the i icon and then selecting Forget This Device. And then reconnect from the beginning to see if the battery status improves.

Use an AirPods to listen to voice

How to fix airpods battery quickly running out 402 2

Just wearing one ear is okay

With this temporary workaround, you only use one side of the AirPods to talk and plug the other side in the charging case to save battery power because both sides of the AirPods have microphones. If the other one runs out of battery, there is still a backup side right there.

Here are 4 great ways to improve AirPods battery draining fast , but if this situation persists and makes you feel uncomfortable then think about replacing an “em” new. Wish you all find the best solution for your AirPods soon.