How to fast charge the iPhone battery

With this fast full iPhone battery charging, you do not have to pay any extra costs. It is an iPhone’s built-in feature that charges up to 40% faster.

The biggest downside on the iPhone is the poor battery, long charging. This makes many users feel inconvenient during use. However, now you can charge the battery faster than before without having to spend the expense of buying a large capacity charger or replacing a new cable, …

How to fast charge the iphone battery 324

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iPhone has a long charging time

Simple, inexpensive way to charge your iPhone fast

Although the iPhone is very popular these days, not many people know that iOS has a feature that helps users to charge the device faster. With only 3 simple steps, you can shorten charging time by 40% and increase battery life for your device.

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There is a way to help users charge iPhone faster without having to change the charger, charging cable

Apply Low Power Mode – Low Power Mode is how to charge iPhone fully fast . Very few people know this. Apple said that this mode will help iPhone save more energy, reduce some functions to optimize the performance of the battery and the device.

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Turn on Low Power mode to charge the battery faster

When you activate this mode iPhone will make a few changes in its settings to save battery power and possibly increase charging up to 40% faster. The iPhone’s screen will automatically dim and lock it faster.

And yet, when using this full fast iPhone charging , apps on iPhone will also automatically turn off power-hungry features and reduce the performance of the CPU and GPU. down to a certain level. In addition, this mode does not affect your ability to use other features on the iPhone such as texting, calling, surfing the web or sending mail.

Go to settings -> select Battery -> select “Low power mode” to activate this feature

Only with very simple and quick operations, after 30 seconds you can both extend the battery life of the iPhone while shortening the charging time. This way to charge your iPhone fully fast has been proven by Business Insider. So wait, don’t apply immediately.