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How to exit and delete microsoft account on windows 10

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Microsoft account is an important component, because it helps synchronize data and security in devices using windows. However, if you don't want to use your Microsoft account, you can log out and even delete your Microsoft account on Windows 10 . 

1. Create a Local Account on your computer

To delete a microsoft account on windows 10, you need to log in to another account to be able to have a local account.

Step 1 : First, press the Windows + I key combination to open the Settings window . Then, please select Account .

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Step 2 : Next, in the list on the left of the new window, select Family and other users -> select Add someone else to this PC .

Step 3 : At the Sign screen, enter your email account to log in to Windows, Office, OneDrive,, Xbox and Skype. You are creating a new account, so please select I don't have this person's sign-in information -> then click Next to continue.

Step 4 : Next, click Add a user without a Microsoft account -> click Next .

Step 5 : Here, please enter a new account and enter a new password.

The account you just created will be located in the Other User section .

2. Delete microsoft account on windows 10

After you have a new Local account to replace, now you have deleted the microsoft account on windows 10 from the computer. You do the following steps:

Step 1 : First, you go to the Settings interface by using the Windows + I key combination , then you select Account to proceed with your account settings.

Step 2 : In the list on the left of the new interface, select Your account . Next, click on the account in the Other accounts you use section -> select Next on Remove .

A confirmation window will appear on the screen, click Yes to agree to delete the microsoft account on windows 10 from your computer.

Now on your Windows 10 computer, only the new Local account I created before is left.

With just simple steps, you can delete your microsoft account on windows 10. When you need to use it again, you just need to go to the account management section and add it again.

3. Completely remove the Microsoft account on the homepage

In fact, once you have signed out of your Microsoft account, it will no longer affect your computer. But if you want to completely delete this Microsoft account, you can do the following steps.

Note: this method will completely delete all information as well as sync on the account. So will not encourage you to do it because it won't lose anything.

Step 1 : First, visit the link here and enter your Microsoft account -> then select Next .

Step 2 : Please enter your Microsoft account password -> select Next to Sign in .

Step 3 : Next, go to Close your Microsoft account here . Then, choose how to authenticate your account.

Next, Microsoft will send a verification code to your Gmail account. Go to Gmail to get the verification code and proceed to enter the information on the new interface to be able to confirm the information -> click on Confirm .

Step 4 : Confirm account deletion, please select Next .

Continue to confirm the information, select the reason you want to delete the account and select Mark account to close .

Finally select Finish to finish.

Note: After completing the closing of your Microsoft account, your account is only temporarily locked. You will have 60 days to think before this Microsoft account is permanently deleted. If you want to keep your Microsoft account, just log in and then confirm again.

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