How to enable Micro for Windows and Mac laptops

Setting up Microphone on Windows computer helps users to experience more gadgets on the computer such as recording voice or interacting when playing games, making phone calls … To ensure that the Microphone can work effectively, Let’s immediately refer to how to enable Micro for laptop on Windows 10 introduced in this article!

The simplest way to enable Micro for Windows laptop

Currently, computers support various types of external Microphone or Headphone connections. This article will guide how to enable Micro in Win 10 laptop using Headphone with microphone. Before proceeding to connect, you need to prepare a laptop to work properly and Headphone with Microphone jack.

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Step 1: On Windows 10, open the Control Panel.

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Open Control Panel on Windows 10

Step 2: In the Control Panel interface, select Hardware and Sound >> Sound.

Step 3: In the Sound dialog box that appears, select the Recording tab to see the Microphone device connected to the computer.

Step 4: In case you want to use Microphone, you must have a dedicated sound card sound card or virtual sound card software. Alternatively, you can download the audio driver from the link below: Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver.

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Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver Software for Windows 10

Step 5: Back to the desktop interface, right-click on the speaker icon and select Playback devices.

Step 6: At the speaker icon, right-click and select Properties.

Step 7: At Speakers Properties interface, scroll down to Device usage and select Use this device (enabled).

Step 8: Click to continue to Levels, proceed to adjust the speaker with the volume level suitable to user needs, usually from 65 to 80 and then press OK to save.

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Adjust the speakers with the volume level to suit your needs

Step 9: Back to the Sound dialog box, click Configure.

Step 10: At the Speaker Setup interface, select Audio channels >> Stereo >> Next. Select the item Front left and right >> Next >> check the sound up to the loudest level and then click Finish to confirm how to enable the Micro for laptop .

Step 11: Next, at the Sound dialog interface, the user presses the Recording tab item and the Microphone will show the ON icon of the connection. Right-click on the Microphone and select Properties.

Step 12: In the new Device usage interface, select Use this device (enable) >> select the Listen tab and proceed with the following settings:

  • Check the box Listen to this device.
  • Speakers select (Realtek High Definition Audio).
  • Check Continue running when on battery power.

After you have finished adjusting the above items, click Apply and click OK to save changes.

Step 13: Click forward to the Level tab, in the Microphone section you should set the volume level to 97. Below Microphone Boost you adjust to 10.0 db and then click Apply and OK to save.

Step 14: You are back in the Sound dialog box, in the Microphone section, click Configure.

Step 15: At the Speech Recognition interface window, click Setup microphone. Scroll to the check box under Headset Microphone and click Next.

Step 16: Click Next to move to the Microphone test.

At this interface, you just need to read aloud and clearly the test text how to enable Micro for laptop in bold English. Finally, click Next and Finish to complete the process of installing Microphone on Windows 10.

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Read aloud and clear the bold English text for checking

How to enable Micro for Macbook with simple step

For Mac computer devices, how to turn on the microphone for Macbook is done as follows:

Step 1: Open Settings > Select the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the computer screen. A menu option will appear> Select to System Preferences .

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How to enable Microphones for Macbook

Step 2 : Immediately after, a dialog box will appear> Click Sound .

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Click Sound

Step 3 : In the Sound > dialog> select Input .

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Select Input

Here, select Internal Microphone and try to speak into the microphone and pay attention to the Input level to see if it moves or not. If you see them moving, the microphone setup for your Mac is successful. If you do not see anything, it means it is not yet.

Then, try dragging the sliders left and right to increase and decrease the volume. Next, check out the motion bar. If the installation still fails, try shutting down and restarting the device.

So above is the entire guide how to enable Micro for laptop running on Windows 10 and Macbook operating system for users to reference and perform. Wish you success and continue to experience the device with the Micro feature on your laptop!