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How to deposit and withdraw StormGain margin coins – step by step guide

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In today's article, you and I are in the " How to Deposit and Withdrawal of StormGain Derivatives Exchange" " to help you easily withdraw money through .

You can watch our StormGain deposit and withdrawal instructions below:

And see the detailed instructions on how to deposit and withdraw money from the StormGain floor in the article below:

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StormGain floor deposit instructions

Before reading on you need an account to practice. Sign up here.

In addition to the popular deposit method, which is direct deposit with cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, the exchange also allows you to top up with Visa card.

So, there are 2 ways to deposit on StormGain floor:

  • Method 1: Deposit StormGain with USDT, BTC, ETH
  • Method 2: Deposit StormGain with Visa/Mastercard (5% fee)

Option 1: Deposit StormGain with USDT, BTC, ETH,…

Choose to deposit by selecting Deposit in the corresponding Coin, for example, I will choose USDT

Here is one thing to note:

  • Minimum deposit: you see how much it requires to deposit, the example below clearly states that the minimum deposit is 50 USDT
  • Load the correct format: check the format that the exchange supports, as the example below is the exchange that supports the Omni standard USDT, so you can load the correct format to avoid losing money unjustly

Method 2: Deposit StormGain with Visa/Mastercard (5% fee)

Select Buy Crypto with Credit Card as shown below:

Select Coin, card payment method, amount to buy and then select Deposit as in the example in the image below:

Fill in Visa/Martercard information as required and then select Pay Now to pay

Instructions for withdrawing Coins on StormGain exchange

Select the coin you want to withdraw as shown in the image below:

Then select Withdrawal to proceed with the withdrawal as in the example below:

Usually 10-15 minutes will receive the money after making the withdrawal.

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I wish you success 😀

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