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How to connect a printer to a laptop Windows 7 Windows 10

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Have you wondered if the laptop can connect to the printer? And how to connect the printer to the laptop? To answer this question, the following article will show you in detail how to connect a printer to a laptop with Windows 7 or 10, let's follow along.

1. Plug the usb cable directly to connect the printer to the laptop windows 7 and windows 10

This is the easiest way to implement and also the most optimal, easiest way to connect. Most users prefer to do it this way. Because it's easy to do and has a very fast print speed compared to wifi networks. Not only that, but the way to connect the printer to the Windows 10 laptop with the connection cable gives a much higher success.

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To do this, you need a USB printer connection cable, one end of the cable is plugged into the laptop and the other end is plugged into the printer. After that, install the printer driver for the laptop and you're done.

First, to download the printer driver, you need to know the parameters of the printer you are using. Usually the model and manufacturer of the laptop is located on the printer side or the front of the printer.

For example, your printer Canon model 2900, HP printer model 1102 and Brother MFC 7360 printer.

After you know the printer's model number, the next thing is to check the laptop that is planning to install the printer driver using windows 10 or 7. Attached is the number of bits. To view this information you can do the following.

Right-click the My Computer icon on the laptop screen, then select Properties , and a dialog box will appear with information about the version of windows in use and the number of bits.

If you already have the printer's information and the Windows operating system version, all that's left is to access the internet and search for the downloaded printer driver.

Open a web browser -> then type the information you are looking for like printer driver canon 2900 win 7 64bit. The search results show that you find the link as shown below and click on it.

Please check if the information is correct and click Download to download the printer driver

Driver already available, now just install it. Extract the downloaded printer driver to a folder where you can easily find it. Then run and click on the setup file and then click Next -> Next -> until it finishes .

Run the file -> Next -> Select Yes -> select Install with USB connect (the port that connects the printer to the laptop with a USB cable)

Select Next -> Yes -> Yes  -> Finish and you 're done.

Note that in order for the installation to be correct, do not plug in the cable connecting the printer to the laptop first. But you have to run the installation file first until there is a notice to connect the cable before plugging it in. Thus, the installation of the printer driver will not fail.

2. How to connect the printer to Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptops via wifi

This way, your printer must be able to print over wifi, which means it can broadcast wifi. To know if the printer has the function of printing over wifi network? You can see the details in the printer's details. Or is it possible to see directly on the printer case that has a wifi icon symbol?

Once you know the printer can print over the wifi network. Then the remaining thing is to connect the computer to the windows operating system: all printer manufacturers Canon, Hp, Brother, Samsung... basically, the function is the same, only the difference is in ink used and components. .

Step 1 : Assemble the printer and power on the printer and then turn on the power.

Step 2 : Connect to the wifi network for the printer. For printers with LCD screens, you do the following in turn as shown in the image below and the wifi network connection is being used for the printer.

Step 3 : For printers without LCD screens, you must click the wifi icon button on the printer. Press and hold for a few seconds and then release your hand, if the wifi icon flashes, the light is OK . Then perform the installation like how to install the printer driver

Step 4 : On your laptop, go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers .

Step 5 : Select add Printer

Step 6 : Select the displayed printer name to install the wifi network and then click Next

Step 7 : At this point, it will appear on the screen that the pin code of the printer will be entered. You can see the printer's pin code when we connect to the printer's wifi.

After entering the pin code, your computer will automatically install the printer over the wifi network. Then you can use the printer over the wifi network.

This article has shown you how to connect a printer to a laptop win 7 win 10 in the simplest and easiest way. Wishing you success.

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