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How to check laptop battery capacity – Laptop battery level

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When you use the laptop after a long time, it is inevitable that the battery bottle phenomenon will be inevitable. Currently, there are many ways to check the status of your battery, so the following article will guide you on how to check laptop battery capacity and laptop battery level.

1. Check available battery level on windows operating system

Step 1 : From the main screen, open the Command Prompt window by pressing the windows + R key combination and then enter the cmd command into the Run window .

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In addition, you can also access the Command Prompt , click on the Start menu icon in the lower left corner, and then enter the search box for the Cmd command and right-click and select the Run as Administrator item .

If you use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system, just right-click on the Start icon and then select  Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 2 : When a small black window appears, the command line powercfg /batteryreport and then press Enter . If you see the line Battery life report saved to C: …it means that the first step has been successful

Then you wait about a minute for the Windows operating system to conduct a battery test, the detailed information will be saved in the file battery-report.html

Step 3 : When the results are available, you will continue to copy the report file outside the Desktop. Then drag and drop this file into the browser you are using and navigate to the Battery section: Battery Information and then navigate to the Installed batteries section .

Look at the two lines Design Capacity (designed capacity of the battery) and Full Charge Capacity (fully charged capacity).

To know how much your battery is damaged, perform the calculation according to the following formula: 100 - (Full Charge Capacity/Design Capacity) * 100 .

Example: 100 – (36800/37300) * 100 = 9,901%

So if the difference in capacity between these two indicators is higher, the laptop battery will be more and more bottled and if the difference exceeds 10,000mAh, you should replace the battery for the computer to ensure the best performance. work capacity.

2. How to check laptop battery capacity with software

– HWinfo software

You can download it here

Note that download the laptop battery test software with the 32-bit or 64-bit version suitable for your computer. To see which version your laptop should download: Right-click on My Computer -> Properties -> Next, notice the line highlighted in red as shown in the picture and download the corresponding version

Should choose Protable file - Just right-click to run, no need to install

Double-click the downloaded file and then double-click the HWiNFO64.exe item . A new voicemail box appears and continue to select  Run

The interface of the laptop battery test software will have two windows appear, just keep the window as shown in the picture, the rest turn off all. Open the link Smart Battery - Battery #0 . Notice the Wear Level section , this will be the percentage of the battery that has been bottle. The higher this number is, the more battery life you have.

– HWMonitor software

Is a software that displays very complete information of the computer including the mainboard, CPU, graphics card, ... to help you have a better overview of the configuration of your laptop computer. Besides, HWMonitor also allows to display the battery status of the laptop. Download the software here

To check the battery level of the laptop battery, at the main interface of the software, select the Battery item. Then you will see the parameters of the laptop battery including:

  • Designed Capacity : Maximum power storage capacity from the manufacturer
  • Full Charge Capacity : The maximum capacity to store electricity in practice.
  • Current Capacity : Current capacity of power storage

In addition, you also know if the laptop's battery is bottle or not through Wear Level. If this parameter is equal to 0%, your battery is still very good, but otherwise, the higher this parameter is, the more the battery condition of the laptop has been damaged or is in a very bad process that needs to be replaced.

– Battery Care software

Is one of the software that is highly appreciated in checking and displaying the battery status of the computer through a quite user-friendly and intuitive interface. Battery Care is compatible with windows operating system versions including Windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10.

You can download the software here

After installation, open Battery Care. At the Detailed Information tab , you will know the current battery level of the laptop from the Wear Level parameter .

Hopefully, the above instructions can help you to use your laptop more effectively. In addition, you should also learn how to use laptop batteries to avoid causing battery bottles as well as not to use both the battery and the power source in parallel.

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