Need to reduce stress, exercise regularly, the way of doing science, do not use sleeping pills and stimulants.

How to avoid nightmares, how to stop Bad Dreams

Research shows that frequent recurring dreams in adults are nightmares, meaning you will dream of being threatened and pursued. You wake up sweating and horrified. That sleep brings tremendous terror, suffering or anxiety, according to Health 24.

Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim, a specialist in Sleep Disorders at Constantia Sleep Center, says almost all of us are prone to nightmares.

People with dream recurrences show little adaptation to anxiety, depression and stress in life, compared to those without recurring dreams.

Children are more prone to nightmares and much more frequent than adults, Dr. Ebrahim said.

Ebrahim studied both young men and women, the results showed that the girls often have more nightmares.

At age 13, about 25% of men often experience bad dreams, 40% for women. At the age of 16, about 20% of boys have nightmares while girls are still at 40%.

Mr Ebrahim said the situation continued into adulthood, in which the frequency of nightmares in a month was 8% for men and 30% for women.

Scientists suggest to ensure deep sleep without nightmares, you need to do the following:

Avoid stress

Stress at work or life can go to your sleep. Therefore, you should free them by relaxing for a refreshing spirit.

Do exercise

Regular exercise, focusing on cardiovascular exercises will help you sleep better and avoid daydreaming.


Relaxation techniques can help you sleep and reduce stress – two of the main causes of nightmares.

Living way

You try to go to bed at night and in the morning to wake up at the same time.

Avoid sleeping pills

Stay away from sedatives and sleeping pills, as well as caffeine and other stimulants, especially before going to bed.

Keep away from irritants

Alcohol, tobacco or drugs are nightmares.


How to avoid nightmares, how to stop Bad Dreams
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