According to CNBC calculations, from birth, he earned nearly 6 million USD per day. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has just turned 34. You may be using Facebook but you’re not sure you know the whole story of Facebook. Follow the article below to make sure you find it surprising.

How did Mark Zuckerberg help Facebook dominate the world? Unexpected story

Facebook is also worth nearly $ 536 billion with more than 2.2 billion active users each month. Here is the story behind the success of the world’s largest social network, from 2004 to the present.

Facebook was born in a room at Harvard University’s Kirkland House dormitory. In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg was in his second year. He created “Face mash” – using photos of classmates from the dormitory data system, to compare who is more attractive.

This website has 22,000 views from 450 people in the first hour. A few days later, Harvard University asked him to take down information, for copyright reasons and security concerns.

Zuckerberg was disciplined for this, but still remained at school. However, he did not falter and released Thefacebook in February 2004.

In just one month, half of Harvard students joined Thefacebook. By March 2004, this social network expanded to other universities, such as Yale, Columbia and Stanford. Zuckerberg invited a few more classmates to help him develop the website, including Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes.

After a few months, Facebook started to have advertising revenue. This time, Zuckerberg is still going to school. But he realized it was time to work seriously, and left school in 2004.

In the middle of that year, he recruited co-founder Naspter – Sean Parker as the first chairman of the company. After that, Facebook moved its headquarters to a very small office in Palo Alto (California, USA).

Zuckerberg frequently traveled in the office wearing only shorts, barefoot and beer cans. This month, Facebook received its first investment from former PayPal leader – Peter Thiel with $ 500,000.

In May 2005, they raised an additional $ 13.6 million. A year later, they created a breakthrough Message Board interface, which helps users update in real time what their friends are doing.

In late 2007, Zuckerberg met Sheryl Sandberg at a Christmas party. She was then a director at Google. He persuaded Sandberg to become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Facebook in 2008.

At that time, Facebook grew very fast. But the popularity of smartphones has made this social network thrive. In 2009, Facebook moved to a larger office also in Palo Alto. In late 2010, they hit 1,000 billion views a month. In 2011, Facebook moved its headquarters again.

In May 2012, Facebook made a record IPO session, worth 5 billion USD. That same year, Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend – Priscilla Chan.

To develop, Facebook is always looking for new companies that can threaten them to buy back. Since then, they have acquired a lot, from Instagram photo sharing application, WhatsApp free messaging service to the virtual reality equipment manufacturing company – Oculus.

By Facebook’s 10-year-old birthday, this social network had 1.23 billion users every month. One billion people use mobile devices.

To serve that growth, Facebook has expanded its office. In March 2015, they had a new work area, designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, to support 2,800 employees.

In December 2015, Zuckerberg announced to his wife Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, planning to contribute most of the assets to change the world.

But then, Facebook had a turbulent 2017, and 2018 was more stormy. After the US Presidential election in late 2016, Facebook was closely monitored for its role in spreading fake news.

Earlier this year, they continued to be questioned about letting unauthorized research firm Cambridge Analytica access data of 87 million users. Zuckerberg had to testify twice before Congress because of this problem. Currently, both Zuckerberg and Facebook are under greater pressure than ever, as the world increasingly recognizes the impact of this social network in everyday life.


How did Mark Zuckerberg help Facebook dominate the world? Unexpected story
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