Hanoi police launched dozens of patrol patrols during the night to suppress crimes ahead of the US-Korea Summit in Hanoi.

Hanoi Police in Vietnam plans to protect the security of the US-Korea Summit

On February 15, Hanoi City Police organized a conference to deploy a plan to ensure order and security, and safeguard the safety of the 2nd US-Korea Summit.

The purpose of the plan is to ensure the absolute safety and security of operations of senior US and Korean leaders; conference venues; not to happen unexpectedly, unexpectedly, create favorable conditions for the activities of delegates and reporters to attend and report on the conference.

Police of Hanoi city require the enforcement forces to firmly grasp the situation, actively prevent and detect struggles to prevent all conspiracy to sabotage conferences and abuse of national security; ensuring good traffic order and safety, fire and explosion prevention, public order and environmental sanitation.

At the same time, the functional forces are assigned to arrange, divide the flow so as not to cause congestion, traffic accidents on the operating routes, accommodation of delegates, where the conference is held.

In addition, the Hanoi Police Department also requested units and localities to use professional measures to prevent and fight crimes; organize a 24 / 24h patrol in important areas, especially Noi Bai International Airport, railway stations, bus stations, cultural and monument works in Hanoi, electricity and transformer stations pressure, complex public places …

Hanoi Police in Vietnam plans to protect the security of the US-Korea Summit
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