A part of the floor of the W10 was damaged but it was unclear.

Hamilton’s car has an abnormal fault in Australia GP

We found the damage in the floor area in front of the rear tire on the left side of Lewis’s car. There was a missing floor, but we are not sure why it was so,” Mercedes said.

According to Sky Sports, Lewis Hamilton checked his car after the first race of the season. Despite the first start, the English driver only finished second, behind teammate Valteri Bottas for 21 seconds.

However, when interviewing after the race, Hamilton did not blame anything about this failure. “We gained positive results after this race. I will return to Europe and return to the factory next week. By that time, I will better understand the damage to the car and know. how to fix it for the next stage, “Hamilton said.

Unable to catch Bottas in speed, Hamilton struggled to take second place to the menace of Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. However, at decisive times, the power of the W10 allowed Hamilton to protect the position.

The British racer confirmed Mercedes’ dominance as a surprise. He wants Ferrari to find the cause of the SF90’s speed soon. “No one is waiting for such a big gap before entering this stage. What I have seen and pointed out in the analysis is that Ferrari is ahead of speed but obviously that’s not what we are. I’m not sure what their problem is, but I’m sure Ferrari will come back strong in the next stages, “Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s car has an abnormal fault in Australia GP
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