Get rid of notification of incoming calls on iOS 14 without rejecting

On iOS 14, Apple has updated the ability to display incoming calls via small banners like app notifications. This makes it easy to receive or reject an incoming call without having to press decline.

With this feature, the screen displaying incoming calls will no longer occupy the entire screen as before. So you can still do other things without having to decline the call before you can continue.

How to get rid of call notifications on iOS 14 without rejecting

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Step 1 : Go to Settings app and select Phone .

Step 2 : In the section Allow your phone to access , tap Incoming call .

Step 3 : Next, select Banner.

Step 4 : It’s done! When a call comes in, the screen will display a small banner as shown below.

Hope this new feature on iOS 14 will bring you a comfortable and smooth experience using your phone without fear of interruptions. Wish you success!

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