Galaxy S21 series portrait through the latest leak series

Samsung was recently reported to be working on its next S-series flagships, scheduled to launch in January next year as the Galaxy S21 series.

So what are the successors of the Galaxy S20?

Galaxy s21 series portrait through the latest leak series 1228

The screen

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Many previous reports show that the next generation Galaxy S will include 3 models: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra. These phones have screen sizes of 6.2 inches, 6.7 inches and 6.8 inches respectively, supporting 120Hz refresh rates.

Besides, Samsung seems to be equipped with the latest technology for the screen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This smartphone will be equipped with LTPO panel, support Quad-HD + resolution and will support Adaptive Frequency from 1Hz to 120Hz. It will also achieve a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits, higher than the 1,400 nits of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung is also said to improve the display’s contrast ratio to 3,000,000: 1.

Galaxy s21 series portrait through the latest leak series 1228 1

Yet, a few days ago, the famous Ice Universe leaker confirmed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will definitely support the S Pen. However, the phone does not appear to come with the SPen stylus included in the retail box nor does it have a hole in the bottom edge to accommodate this accessory. Instead, the Korean company will sell cases that can hold the S Pen for phones.

Galaxy s21 series portrait through the latest leak series 1228 2


Previously rendered images have given us a complete look at the design of the upcoming Galaxy S21 series. Specifically, Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S still has a back with 4 slightly rounded corners to provide a more comfortable grip for users. In addition, the Galaxy S21 series also has a fairly large rectangular camera cluster located in the top left corner, but they are redesigned with the left edge extending to the border.

Galaxy s21 series portrait through the latest leak series 1228 3

Like the Galaxy Note 20, the standard Galaxy S21 variant will have a plastic back. While Galaxy S21 Ultra will use a glass back. It is not yet clear what material will be used for the Galaxy S21 +, but some sources claim that Samsung has noticed a more positive response to the plastic back than expected, so perhaps plastic has yet to be used. for the “Plus” model.

Color options include Phantom Pink, Violet, Gray, and White for the Galaxy S21, Phantom Silver, Black, and Violet for the Galaxy S21 +. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will initially be available in Phantom Black and Silver colors only.


Galaxy S21 series will be equipped with Samsung’s new Exynos 2100 processor in most markets. They will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 in other markets such as the US and China. Sammobiles has previously explained how the Exynos 2100 has the same performance as the Snapdragon 875. Some sources even say that the SoC Exynos 2100 may have “equal or better” performance than the Snapdragon 875. ”, So that’s something to look forward to.

Both these chipsets are 5G compatible so it is clear that the Galaxy S21 series will support this technology. However, it is not clear if Samsung intends to offer an LTE variant of this product line. Additionally, the Galaxy S21 and S21 + are said to support Wi-Fi 6 while the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the only model to support Wi-Fi 6E. Samsung will claim that it is 2 times faster than Wi-Fi 6.

Galaxy s21 series portrait through the latest leak series 1228 4

Galaxy S21 and S21 + will have 4,000mAh and 4,800mAh batteries. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery. Maximum charge capacity for all devices has yet to be confirmed, but most likely 25W or 45W. Galaxy S21 series is also expected to have a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra will also support Ultra Wide Band. This technology will be used to track Samsung SmartThings cards that will be released over the next year.


If previous rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + won’t receive much camera upgrade. Both phones are reported to have a 12MP primary camera + 12MP super wide-angle lens + 64MP telephoto lens on the back. The specifications are yet to be confirmed but it is more likely that the camera system is similar to the Galaxy S20 and S20 + duo.

In contrast, the Galaxy S21 Ultra model received major upgrades in its imaging capabilities. The phone is said to have an improved second-generation 108-megapixel primary sensor with the same 12-megapixel super wide-angle camera as its siblings. In addition, the successor to the S20 Ultra will have a huge improvement in zoom imaging capabilities.

Galaxy s21 series portrait through the latest leak series 1228 5

As expected, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have two telephoto cameras – a 10-megapixel sensor with 3x optical zoom and a 10-megapixel sensor with 10x optical zoom. This will give Samsung the opportunity to bring the 100x Space Zoom feature to the S21 Ultra. The Korean company will also use laser autofocus for the Galaxy S21 Ultra to fix the problems it faces on the S20 Ultra.

New camera features will also be made available across the lineup. All Galaxy S21 series cameras will support 4K @ 60fps video recording, a feature previously limited to the primary sensor. Super Steady stabilization will also assist with shooting at 60fps. The camera can also intelligently switch between 30 and 60 fps based on lighting conditions.

An 8K @ 30fps option will also be added. A dual recording mode will be provided that allows you to record with the front and rear cameras at the same time. Night mode is improved with manual controls and moon mode too.

Price & availability

Currently, information about the price of the Galaxy S21 series has not been disclosed. However, many are expecting these phones to start at prices that will be on par with the Galaxy S20 series or lower.

As for the launch date, a previous report suggested that Samsung will launch their next Galaxy S series a month earlier than every year, on January 14. Let’s wait and see what surprises this Korean company will bring to fans in the future!