Fix the computer that cannot access the network due to Proxy error

Proxy error and how to fix error Proxy cannot connect to the network on the computer help users to quickly handle the error. However, not everyone understands about Proxy and how to handle this error, so you can not ignore the article below with useful information.

What is a proxy?

Proxy simply understands that sharing an Internet connection allows multiple computers , laptop to access the network at the same time. Proxy is seen as the server in the whole system. So if there is a lack of Proxy, the use process will encounter problems.

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Proxy is considered as the server in the whole system

Cause your computer has a Proxy error on your web browser

Before learning how to fix Proxy error on your computer , users need to know the cause of this problem. Proxy errors can be caused by incorrect settings or by an unstable communication problem, or a fault from your network provider.

When Proxy error occurs frequently with devices running on Windows 10 operating system resulting in no network access. This issue will affect the learning and working of the user. Therefore, users need to know how to fix this error.

How to fix Proxy errors on your computer

In order to fix proxy error , cannot access Facebook . You can refer to and choose the correct remedy below.

1. With Google Chrome browser

To handle the problem of a computer with a proxy error in Chrome, users need to perform the following detailed steps:

Step 1: On the browser menu bar, the user searches and clicks on Settings.

How to fix a computer with a proxy error in Chrome

Step 2: Continue to scroll down to select Advanced settings.

Step 3: Change Proxy settings by: Select Connections >> Lan settings >> Automatic detect settings and uncheck the items below.

Step 4: Click OK to confirm completion of the changes.

Step 5: Reboot your computer and re-access the Internet to see if you’re using it normally. If the problem is still not fixed then try another fix.

2. With the Firefox browser

Step 1: Similar to how to fix Proxy error on computer with Google Chrome browser, with Firefox user click on the same setting as above .

Fix the computer that cannot access the network due to proxy error 390

How to fix Proxy errors in Firefox

Step 2: Scroll down and select Advanced settings and select network reset.

Step 3: Click on Proxy available in the dialog box and click OK to confirm.

Step 4: Exit your browser and restart your computer and go back to see if the error has been fixed. If you still cannot fix the error, delete the access history or reset the computer to fix this problem.

Some notes when troubleshooting Proxy errors on your computer

  • A Proxy error is caused by a network provider issue. Therefore, users need to check the system again or perform a modem reset to quickly handle the problem. If the situation is more serious, please report back to the network operator to check and handle the system to help fix the error faster, to avoid affecting the learning and working process.
  • For users who are not knowledgeable about computers, Proxy or browsers, it is best to bring the device to a reputable computer warranty and repair center to handle the error.

Computer plays an increasingly important role in many people’s lives as well as work and studies. Therefore, knowing how to fix Proxy errors on your computer will help users quickly handle errors to avoid interrupting usage.