The penalty was recorded with a technology company, aimed at Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that made millions of people compromised.

Facebook could be fined billions of dollars with the Cambridge Analytica scandal

According to the Washington Post, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Facebook are negotiating to deal with privacy issues, focusing on sharing the data of 87 million users illegally. with Cambridge Analytica – British political consulting company went bankrupt last year. FTC is said to offer a fine but Facebook has not agreed. If the agreement is not reached, the two parties may have to resort to a court settlement.

The problem lies in the amount of money that FTC requires up to billions of USD. Although it has yet to reveal the exact number, it is expected to be the largest fines paid by the FTC to a technology company.

The biggest fine the FTC applies to a technology company is $ 22.5 million, for Google in 2012, which also relates to user privacy. Meanwhile, the highest penalty was for 2015 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which amounted to $ 1.2 billion due to violations of antitrust laws.

Last year, Facebook was also fined £ 500,000 (about $ 645,000) by the Office of the British Information Commissioner (ICO) for collecting and disclosing membership information.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal started in 2015 when the company purchased data from Aleksandr Kogan, a researcher at Cambridge University. The fact that the Guardian informed Facebook and this social network banned Kogan from its foundation, and asked him and Cambridge Analytica to officially confirm that they had deleted the data.

However, in early 3/2018, Facebook just learned Cambridge Analytica did not delete the data as claimed. Information of 87 million Facebook members is said to have been used for political purposes, related to the 2016 presidential campaign of President Donald Trump. Scandal also caused CEO Facebook to testify before Congress.


Facebook could be fined billions of dollars with the Cambridge Analytica scandal
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