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you will discover so many unit converters online that you may surprise why someone must still spend time developing some other. whilst you are trying ConvertAll, however, you are going to understand why it was once necessary. Unit converters in most cases work just one manner, this means that that you cannot mix different measurements. as an instance, that you would be able to convert from meters to ft and vice versa because they're both measurements of size.

With this free unit converter, on the other hand, which you could combine measurements as you want, even supposing they only make sense to you. for example, you could convert from cubic nautical miles, meter-pounds or inches per decade.

ConvertAll Portable 0.7.4

you could choose the bottom conversion gadgets from a list or type them. When typing, the converter has an auto completion function that keys within the relevant unit. that you may select units the use of either their full names or abbreviations. once the suitable unit is highlighted, select it by pressing enter. Alternatively, you might press the tab key to choose the unit and move to the following entry subject.

that you would be able to filter and shortly search through the unit listing the usage of the Unit Finder function.

this system means that you can mix units with "*" and "/" operators, and which you can staff the denominators with parenthesis. if you wish to re-use a mixture that you had used not too long ago, that you would be able to decide it from a menu as a substitute of re-typing.

ConvertAll works in each instructions, which means you could enter numbers in both the 'From' or 'To' area. you can even use common mathematical expressions as an alternative of numbers.

although the graphic consumer interface makes it simple for any individual with normal pc knowledge to make use of the software, you can also resort to the command line option.

ConvertAll comes with greater than 500 units, and that you can add others. you may alternate default settings by clicking the choices button and making essential changes.

Device Requirements

ConvertAll is suitable with all home windows running systems from windows XP. which you can additionally apply it to Linux as long as you've gotten these libraries:

- PyQt (from model 4.eight.x to 4.eleven.x)
- Qt (version 4.6, 4.7 or 4.8)
- Python (version three.2 or later)

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ConvertAll 0.7.5
ConvertAll 0.7.5
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