Directing regular training for the teaching staff in terms of expertise and physical education teaching skills according to the competency approach

During major holidays, in conjunction with other organizations, organize community service sessions to help lonely families.

One of the important factors to implement the above contents is the consensus and consent of the school board of directors. Based on the guiding documents of the Department, the school leadership, and the teachers in charge of physical education need to have specific plans and unify professional methods, especially for those who are in charge of physical education. Difficult lessons are specialized and improve students' abilities. The school needs to create all conditions in terms of facilities, funding as well as the necessary time to periodically organize in-depth seminars, inviting experts to exchange, guide, and impart experiences. , foster skills, contribute ideas to make teaching effective, students can develop their abilities more systematically. Regularly organize professional exchanges,

The school board needs to closely manage students' self-study and teachers' annual self-training activities. Create conditions for teachers in charge of physical education to receive training and self-improvement to learn from experience, improve their professional qualifications, and innovate teaching methods....

When innovating teachers' teaching methods according to students' abilities. Teachers who directly attend class need to pay attention to the level of knowledge, cognitive ability, psychological characteristics and living situation as well as learning conditions of each student.

Every year the school organizes contests for good teachers and selects teachers with good expertise to teach as models for other teachers to learn from. Create conditions in terms of time and funding for physical education teachers to participate in excellent teacher exams at all levels. There are timely incentives for teachers who win prizes in exams, or teachers who guide students to compete in sports competitions and win prizes in sports tournaments.

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The school board and physical education teachers agreed to guide students in developing self-study methods to train self-discipline and raise students' sense of responsibility.

Timely reward teachers who have good, experienced initiatives that have an impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning. In addition, encourage teachers to maximize the effectiveness of learning tools and equipment, encourage and reward teachers for working part-time or designing effective learning tools for their work. improve learning quality.

Directing regular training for the teaching staff in terms of expertise and physical education teaching skills according to the competency approach

Physical education teachers plan so that students can study in groups and organize movements to stimulate collectivity, creativity, and solidarity to progress together.

Outside of class practice, teachers can give students homework to train them to be self-disciplined, proactive, and persistent. So that students can develop their full potential and effectively increase the quality of the subject. Conditions for implementing measures

To implement the above measures, it is necessary to ensure the following conditions:

Innovating professional activities and building a program of physical education activities according to students' abilities is a necessary content that requires consensus from the school board to each teacher in charge.

For each teacher teaching physical education, it is necessary to cultivate more knowledge, be solid in professional expertise, equip yourself with good pedagogical skills, adapt to many situations, and be able to sensitize Be guided by students, both teachers and friends, to choose the right choice according to their abilities to help students develop comprehensively.

How can students be encouraged to be proactive, positive, self-aware, and passionate about learning and practicing? This is the most decisive factor contributing to improving the quality of physical education activities according to the competency approach for students.

3.2.4. Direct regular training for teachers in terms of expertise and physical education teaching skills according to the competency approach Objective of the measure

Professional activities are a top priority task of the education sector in general and each school in particular. Strengthening professional activities helps each teacher exchange and share professional experiences, difficulties encountered, and work together to find solutions to find methods in organizing educational activities. physical education according to students' abilities. Content and implementation

Innovating professional and professional activities and innovating methods and forms of teaching physical education according to students' abilities are key tasks that need to be done immediately to meet the needs of students' abilities. and also society.

For physical education activities according to learners' abilities, they need to focus on:

Based on the tasks and goals of the school year that the school has set, it is necessary to specify them and tie them to the specific goals of the physical education subject. From there, develop plans and organize the implementation of goals, under the direction and supervision of the board of directors.

Organizing professional activities means jointly building an activity plan, with input from all members of the professional group, based on analyzing the current situation of teaching and learning physical education. quality towards the competency approach for students, thereby pointing out the advantages of implementation and the difficulties in the implementation process that need to be overcome, and discussing together to find the best solutions to this direction. to develop students' abilities.

Regularly organize professional meetings to jointly develop content and design effective physical education activity programs.

fruit. With the aim of developing students' capacity, professional activities also focus on building focused plans in the direction of organizing various forms of physical education and sports club activities. favorite students, collective activities and community service in the form of participating in extracurricular activities.... Let's exchange ideas and experiences to help clubs operate most effectively.

How to do it: to improve professional expertise, teachers need to regularly train, self-improve, learn from experience, and self-improve the following competencies: Ability to solve educational situations in teaching physical education, Ability to advise and consult students, Ability to coordinate between family, school and society in student education, Ability to build, manage and use educational records, Ability to evaluate educational results, Ability to learn about programs and textbooks, Ability to build and implement teaching plans, Ability to manage teaching records, Ability to coordinate the use of methods teaching, Ability to build a learning environment, Ability to self-assess, ability to self-study, self-research, Ability to practice sports, Ability to provide first aid, Ability to organize sports competitions.

Based on the directive documents of the Department of Education and Training, the school leadership needs to organize annual conferences every year to determine goals and requirements for each subject in general and education subjects. physical in particular.

The school's leadership board, based on the school's actual human resources, assigns functions and tasks to teachers in charge of promoting classes in accordance with their trained level.

From the beginning of the school year, the school's leadership appoints and creates conditions in terms of time and funding for officials and teachers to participate in training classes on a number of topics such as: Building plans and goals. of the physical education subject, from which each teacher responsible for that subject needs to be specific

Turn it into an activity plan for your professional group and individual; Training on inspection and supervision of teachers' professional activities, so that teachers can proactively prepare plans to meet the requirements set from the beginning; Annual training on professional innovation for each teacher of each subject.

The school leadership also regularly urges and directs teachers to conduct professional training and develop weekly plans, considering it a prerequisite task in improving the quality of teaching. After each week, conduct self-examination and learn from lessons by observing colleagues' lessons, then exchange, discuss and share class experiences together. This is a very important condition to improve the quality of teaching towards developing learners' capacity.

Every year, the Department of Education and Training cooperates with the board of directors of schools in the area to organize professional events in clusters or groups of schools to exchange learning, expertise, and experiences of the schools. school together. Conditions for implementing measures

To carry out regular professional training measures for teachers, it is necessary to rely on practical instructions through the system of documents of the Ministry, the Department of Education and Training and the individual regulations of each school.

Create conditions for teachers in general and physical education teachers in particular to attend training sessions and participate in exchanges of expertise and experience between schools, this creates excitement and ideas. Awareness of responsibility for each teacher to promote students' abilities. After each training session and returning from experience, teachers and staff will organize professional group meetings to pass on the knowledge they have acquired, so that other teachers can learn and benefit. Add new knowledge.

It is necessary to create a friendly, fun and positive working environment so that teachers and staff can devote their whole heart and soul to their work.

There also needs to be policies to promptly praise and reward teachers who have initiatives to improve the quality of teaching, so that students can fully develop their learning abilities. Create a competitive atmosphere to actively contribute to the cause of education and training in general.

3.2.5. Strengthen physical conditions to ensure physical education activities according to the competency approach Objective of the measure

To improve the quality of physical education management activities to reach learners' abilities, schools need to create favorable physical conditions to serve the teaching and learning activities of physical education. best.

Always have a plan to ensure investment in equipment for physical education activities; Always have plans to add, repair, upgrade and replace facilities and equipment promptly to serve physical education activities according to students' abilities; At the same time, regulations and instructions for use as well as sanctions must be issued during the use of facilities to ensure that physical education activities take place smoothly. Content and implementation

The specific content of measures to strengthen physical and technical conditions for physical education management activities according to the learner's capacity approach is:

First, we must ensure that the training ground area is spacious and airy, suitable for the ratio of the total number of students in the whole school; Ensure adequate equipment and learning tools are available for the subject;

The school plans to invest in an artificial turf football field because outside of class hours, the artificial grass football field will be used effectively.

Soccer is a subject that attracts a large number of children to participate, because this subject has a high collective nature and will train collective consciousness and self-discipline. Having an effectively and scientifically invested soccer field creates excitement and attracts many students to participate in practice.

The school has invested in a multi-purpose competition, but currently has not fully exploited its functions; Every year it is necessary to renovate the multi-purpose gymnasium because this place can be used for classes when the weather is not favorable, it can also be used as a place to teach national defense education subjects, or organize extracurricular activities. In addition, taking advantage of the space of the multi-purpose gymnasium, the school arranges practice fields for Badminton and table tennis, because these two subjects are greatly influenced by the environment and weather.

Exploit resources to invest in technical facilities and equipment for physical education activities:

Use the annual budget to invest in purchasing, repairing and upgrading facilities and equipment for physical education activities.

Promote the resources of teachers and staff in manufacturing equipment and learning materials for physical education.

Regularly inspect and properly manage technical equipment and facilities serving physical education activities, promulgate regulations on the use of yards and learning equipment, and impose sanctions. Explicitly reward the use of school supplies.

For students who directly use equipment, always raise awareness of preserving and protecting learning tools.

Modernize the grounds, learning tools, especially the system of classrooms for physical education activities to ensure the integration of theory and practice, helping students understand basic theories. version of physical education.

Invest in a library with reference books that are always updated with new theory and practice of physical education so that students can easily learn.

How to implement the above contents: Regularly organize comprehensive quality assessments of facilities, equipment, and sports equipment; Make the most of facilities, equipment, and sports equipment to avoid waste; Always have plans to promptly supplement and upgrade to meet teaching and learning needs. On that basis, make detailed and specific plans for renovation, addition, and investment in upgrading equipment; Based on state regulations and specific local conditions, schools regarding physical education activities can create an annual budget plan to build yards and equipment. serving physical education activities according to students' abilities.

Take advantage of investment capital and support from outside the school such as attracting sponsorship from businesses to invest in equipment and sponsor sports competitions inside and outside the school.

There are support policies for teachers to guide students to compete in tournaments, and award incentive scholarships so that students have sources of motivation when participating in training and competing in sports tournaments.

Promote socialization and close coordination between family - school - society in contributing to the construction of technical facilities and learning tools for physical education activities.

However, in the process of investing in technical facilities and learning tools for physical education activities according to the learner's capacity, it is necessary to avoid waste and ensure effective investment so that students Students can develop their full potential. Conditions for implementing measures

To properly implement the above measures, it is necessary to ensure the following conditions:

There needs to be a system of documents clearly regulating the content, regulations and sanctions in the use of technical facilities and learning tools in physical education activities.

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