Difference between Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro

Recently, a source from China has just shared information about the difference between the new flagship Mi 11 introduced by Xiaomi in the next few days and its “Pro” model has not been released.

According to the leak, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will get the screen completely the same as the Xiaomi Mi 11 and this applies not only to display quality, but also to the front camera embedded in the upper left corner of the screen. .

Difference between xiaomi mi 11 and mi 11 pro 1853

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Previously, it was reported that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be integrated with camera technology hidden under the third generation screen developed by Xiaomi. This technology uses a new proprietary pixel arrangement and redesigned pixel control circuitry. This increases the light transmittance of the front of the screen. Xiaomi’s camera hiding technology allows to achieve the same image quality as with conventional selfie cameras.

However, today’s leak states that the Mi 11 Pro appears to be coming with a ‘punch hole’ display design as the standard variant.

The main difference between Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro is the improved main camera, although details on this have yet to be revealed. It is likely that the “Pro” model will be equipped with a periscope lens by the Chinese company with impressive optical zoom capabilities.

Regarding the launch date, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to be released in February next year.