Miady NEMA L14-30P Generator Plug, 30 Amp 4-Prong Industrial Grade Locking Male Plug Up to 7,500W, Grounding Type/UL listed

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Miady Nema L14 30p Generator Plug 30 Amp 4 Prong Industrial Grade Locking Male Plug Up To 7 500w Grounding Type Ul Listed

Miady L14 30p Generator Industrial Grounding 1Miady L14 30p Generator Industrial Grounding 2Miady L14 30p Generator Industrial Grounding 3Miady L14 30p Generator Industrial Grounding 4Miady L14 30p Generator Industrial Grounding 5Miady L14 30p Generator Industrial Grounding 6

Saving Cost, Replace old wore out one on your generator plug
Miady heavy duty Industrial Grade L14-30 male plug, designs to handle 30 amp, 10 gauge, 3-pole, 4-wire power cord at 125/250V, replaces worn out one on Generators/ Transfer Switches/ Welder/ RV/ Trailer/ Camper. Made of a Well-conductive copper parts and durable Nylon plastic construction, serves you for years to come. Besides, Each of the wires slide into an individual tube when you assemble the unit, to keep possible stay wire pieces from arcing. In addition, a screw down stress relief section tightens down on the cord to keep the cord from tugging at the connections if you were to pull on it. Each of the tubes where you insert the wires are clearly marked with W,G,X,Y for the 4 wires used. It is also simple to replace the old plug with this new one to follow instructions, meets your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost.

1. It's not waterproof, KEEP OUT of puddles and rain
2. To save you a lot of frustration. Be sure to read the instructions first
3. Always unplug when not in use for secure

Color: Black
Certification: UL/CSA or Equivalent
Voltage: 125/250V
Current: 30A
Cord Size: 10AWG
Material: Copper, Nylon

Risk-Free Guarantee:
We back our Generator Plug with a 12-month limited warranty.
Easy-to-reach and friendly customer support available 24/7.

- NEMA L14-30P: Heavy Duty L14-30P Locking Plug, 3-pole, 4-wire Grounding Type at 125/250V, uses with 10-gauge cord for up 7,500W of generator with 30A outlet.
- KEEP OUT DEBRIS/ MOISTURE: Built with rubber grommet inside, give moisture and dirt protection for different sizes of cords.
- SAFE ENOUGH: The contacts are in plastic housings without wrapping wires around screws, slide each wires into an individual tube and tighten, prevent shorting or stray strands.
- TIGHTLY LOCK: Screw down stress relief section, secure locking on generator to keep it from vibrating loose and falling out.
- BUILT TO LAST: UL Listed, Well-conductive copper parts and Nylon bases construction are rugged and durable for dependable use.

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