The NO SCRUB Scouring Kit – Clean 10X Faster & Easier w/Longest Lasting Silicone Magic Scrubber Dish Gloves & 316 Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber for Cast Iron Skillet Dishes, Kitchen, Car & House

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The No Scrub Scouring Kit Clean 10x Faster Easier W Longest Lasting Silicone Magic Scrubber Dish Gloves 316 Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber For Cast Iron Skillet Dishes Kitchen Car House

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Unbeatable Quality – Unrivaled Design

1000 DAILY USES – YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF USING this chainmail cleaner and magic scrubber brush set all the time. They tackle literally ANY KITCHEN or HOUSEHOLD PROJECT – Washing dishes, produce, cars, showers, and even cleaning pets, removing pet hair from furniture and pulling hot things from the oven and stove without getting burned. These make ALL your daily challenges a breeze.

The Ultimate No Scrub Magic Gloves

From the Oven to the Sink – steam proof, heat resistant gloves protect your hands, allowing you to take hot dishes straight from the oven, to the serving area, to the sink, lifting away sticky food before it becomes stuck!

ANTI SLIP – CRITICALLY IMPORTANT – While most silicone gloves report drops, slips and breaking dishes, our extra-long, firm silicone bristles keep the dish secured tightly in your hands, without fear of watching it plummet into the sink.

The Worlds Toughest, Longest Lasting Chainmail Scrubber

Reinforced 316 Stainless Steel Links

  • Rub away tricky pan stains
  • Eliminate challenging stuck on food from cast iron pans
  • Lift away years of barbecue grease, stains and rusting
  • Fully restore rusty cast iron pans – simply use, oil and bake!

Every Purchase Changes a Life

Because we believe giving back is one of the most important tenant in life a significant portion of every purchase goes to support people in need. Rest assured you’re getting more than the best, longest lasting, most durable NO SCRUB magic scrubber and chainmail set, you’re voting with your dollars and saving lives, landfills and helping our planet.

- 💪CLEAN EVERYTHING - 10X FASTER & EASIER - STOP SCRUBBING, THROW AWAY your stinky, slimy, bacteria laden steel wool, brushes and sponges and give your hands a well-deserved break with THE THOUGHTFUL BRAND's EXTRA-GRIPPY, NON-SLIP, ANTI BACTERIAL silicone gloves with wash scrubber and chainmail scrubber for cast iron pans. 1000's of uses (see description for full details).
- 🏆THE ABSOLUTE BEST - LONGEST LASTING, QUICK DRYING silicone gloves for washing dishes and cast iron cleaner clean for YEARS without rusting, become slimy, warping or breaking. ULTRA-TOUGH, ultra-long silicone gloves scrubber set bristles and REINFORCED 316 stainless steel cast iron pan scraper work tirelessly, keeping your dishes, kitchen, whole household and even your car effortlessly spotless for years to come.
- ⛑PROTECTS YOUR HANDS - RESTORES YOUR POT: HEAT PROOF, steam proof, chemical proof scrubby gloves to wash dishes protect your hands from it all, allowing you to transfer that hot pan directly from the oven or stove top to washing it in the sink, before food becomes stuck. Cast iron pot cleaner easily cleans & RESTORES your CAST IRON PANS and BBQ grill, WITHOUT REMOVING ALL-IMPORTANT SEASONING.
- 💚FOOD SAFE - HUMAN FRIENDLY - ECO HAPPY: FDA APPROVED, BPA Free magic dishwashing gloves and chainmail square crafted from the FINEST food safe materials by ETHICAL, FAIR TRADE artisans that pay living wages. Save lives, landfills, and reduce your carbon footprint when you vote with your dollars and order today.
- 🇺🇸USA PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We flat out guarantee this pot and pan cleaner and silicone dish scrubbers 2 set makes keeping it all clean 10X's easier, and demand nothing less than your absolute satisfaction, or your money back - so go ahead, Click Add to Cart Now and feel good knowing a SIGNIFICANT PORTION of your purchase goes to NON-PROFITS who help those in need!

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