ColorOS 11 has officially launched. Features of ColorOS 11

OPPO officially introduced ColorOS 11 through an online event and became one of the first manufacturers to update Android 11.

ColorOS 11 maintains useful native Android features while providing rich interface customization exclusively for OPPO users. The quick launch – right after Android 11 – is the result of a close partnership between OPPO and Google to enhance the user experience.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678

Variety of customization, show your own style

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ColorOS 11 customized on the latest Android 11 platform just released, for users to unleash personalization of the experience. Basically, users can create their own Always-on Display with their own themes, wallpapers, fonts, icons and ringtones.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 1

The latest upgrade also enhances Dark Mode with three different color schemes and contrast levels.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 2

Meanwhile, OPPO Relax 2.0 Relaxation feature allows users to create their own white noise mix and offers a rich collection of sounds from different cities around the world.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 3

ColorOS 11’s focus on enhancing the customization of the interface stems from the customer’s desire to personalize the smartphone experience. The ColorOS design team paid attention to user feedback to customize it, providing a more personalized interface with a variety of features. With these changes, users have more tools to express their creativity and use their smartphones in their own way.

Improved usage

ColorOS 11 is equipped with powerful features to improve work efficiency and life. Including Quick Translate with Three-finger gestures powered by Google Lens, the first feature co-created by OPPO and Google. Thereby, the translation of the text is done easily through a screenshot made with a smart three-finger swipe gesture that is familiar to OPPO users.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 4

Flexdrop (available October 2020) – another feature providing a simple and intuitive solution for multi-tasking. Users can view video and text at the same time. This is especially useful for gamers and video lovers. Users can even switch and control various smart home devices through the built-in Device Control menu without having to download new applications.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 5

To maximize battery life, the built-in Super Power Saving Mode allows users to select the six most important apps to run in low battery situations. Meanwhile, the Battery Guard feature will learn users’ habits to prevent damage caused by prolonged charging at unstable voltages. This feature will pause charging when it reaches 80% at night, and continue charging so the battery is full at the right time when users wake up.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 6

Smooth experience

High frame rates are a positive advancement in the smartphone industry these days, but as a result, phones often experience stuttering and freezing. To overcome this, ColorOS11 introduces UI First 2.0 solution, which combines OPPO’s exclusive latency reduction technology with Quantum Animation. This increases RAM usage by 45%, improves response speed by 32% and has a 17% frame rate improvement.

Meanwhile, AI App Preloading (AI App Preloading) learns user behavior to preload the most commonly used apps, reducing load times. SuperTouch also intelligently identifies user usage scenarios and optimizes the touch response rate for a smoother experience.

Enhances user security and privacy

ColorOS 11 incorporates the newly added privacy options of Android 11, while creating a host of additional privacy and data privacy protection features. The Security System (Private System, available October 2020) operates separately where the second version of the application and data run independent of the original version and can only be accessed through fingerprint scanning or personal password.

Coloros 11 has officially launched features of coloros 11 678 7

New Shortcut for App Lock which allows verification by password, fingerprint or face. The authorization system is also enhanced, with temporary permissions to: access the camera and microphone and locate when these apps are closed. Meanwhile, the system will automatically reinstall if the decentralization feature is not used for a long time. ColorOS 11 requires user consent for apps to access phone data, in order to prevent the possibility of malicious apps getting into the device data.

The fastest and most widely released ColorOS generation

ColorOS 11 is currently updating to a beta version with a limited number for users to register for the experience and to contribute comments. ColorOS 11 will be released in batches, starting with the Find X2 series and Reno3 series. In the future, the complete release will update more than 28 announced smartphones, including the Find, Reno, F series, K and A.series.