BlueStacks App Player – Android emulator on PC

BlueStacks (full name: BlueStacks App Player ) is the best free Android emulator on PC today. With the new breakthrough BlueStacks version in terms of interface, users can completely comfortably play Android games, use apps on Android emulator on the computer screen. most used and professional.

Download BlueStacks 4

The fastest Android gaming platform on PC

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With BlueStacks, you don’t have to rely on the charging cable because your phone has 9% battery left or you have to turn on “Do Not Disturb” to not get killed in the middle of the battle. BlueStacks 4 delivers a smooth mobile gaming experience to new heights by using less memory, more CPU , and significantly improving game performance .

Download BlueStacks 4

Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078
Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 1

The fastest mobile game platform on Earth

BlueStacks takes your gameplay to new heights. As the pioneering platform for mobile gaming on PC, Blue Stack continuously provides the fastest game experience with the richest enhancement options. BlueStacks’ direct partnerships with over 100 of the largest mobile gaming companies and investments from Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung and other leading technology firms have recognized BlueStacks as the best Android gaming platform. on your computer.

  • Play Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) games.
  • Hyper-G graphics deliver stunning graphics.
  • AI resource management for low latency gaming.

Upgrade the entire game with Android N (7.1.2) on PC

Android N supports the widest range of compatibility to run all games at high graphics quality & performance on PC. Nougat offers additional graphics features that make gaming on a larger screen with a sharper, smoother keyboard, mouse or gamepad on your phone or tablet.

  • Fast gameplay and better graphics.
  • Saves battery and hard drive space.
Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 2

Turn your computer into the best gaming device

Join over 300 million people playing your favorite mobile games on PC around the world with the most popular Android game emulator platform – BlueStacks. With that large number of users, the BlueStacks gaming community continuously blurs the line between mobile and PC gaming. BlueStacks is not only an Android emulator but also the world’s best Android gaming platform. It can turn your PC into a perfect mobile gaming device.

Download BlueStacks 4

6x Faster than Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 3

Unseen high performance

  • 6x faster performance than Samsung Galaxy S9 +.
  • Performance 8x faster than BlueStacks 3.
Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 4

UI is simpler

  • Use BlueStacks to play or do more.
  • Core gaming functionality as part of the main UI.
  • Add-on features like BlueStacks Store, Quests are available, consuming only when launching.
Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 5

New and improved keymapping

  • Manage the main controller with all new Game Control Windows.
  • Key Controls is divided into categories for easier navigation.
  • Play using default or newly created controls.
Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 6

BlueStacks Multi-instance

  • Play a series of games at once from multiple Google Play accounts.
  • Play the same game using multiple accounts.
  • High potential unlocking many awards in RPG with Multi-instance.
Bluestacks app player android emulator on pc 1078 7

BlueStacks Store & BlueStacks Points

  • Earn BlueStacks Points by playing your favorite game on BlueStacks.
  • Get cool items from BlueStacks Store by exchanging BlueStacks Points.
  • Access the Pro Gamer series of exclusive gaming tools.

BlueStacks supports running applications, playing Android games on the PC screen in the form of tabs like on a web browser. What is more interesting than playing Android games on a large screen, and comfortably chatting Zalo, Viber, Skype … with friends. BlueStacks helps users to comfortably access and use any application on the huge Android application store right on their personal computer. This is the number one choice for those who love popular games on Android platforms.

Latest BlueStacks 4 Update

BlueStacks App Player 4,240.20.1016:

  • Significantly improves the graphical experience and stable frame rate, especially when playing Seven Nights II games, Huang Yi Qun Xia Biography M and 美好 的 世界 獻上 祝福! Fantastic Days using Adaptive technology Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC).
  • Using a farm account in Rise of Kingdoms has never been easier on BlueStacks. The game will guide you step-by-step with useful tips to gather more resources.
  • When you start a group call, you’ll see a pop-up message if the BS or another service is muted.
  • Allows mute during voice chats with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Z.
  • Hanging error while playing Call of Duty: Mobile has been fixed in some situations. You just need to re-launch BS4 a few times to get it fixed. Note: If updating from old BS, please reinstall Call of Duty: Mobile from Play Store.
  • Fixed lag with Fantastic Days app.
  • Fix lag with app 黃易 群俠 傳 M.
  • Fixed black screen when opening Tsubasa app.
  • Fix device incompatibility when installing 바람 의 나라: 연 and A3: 스틸 얼라이브.

How to install BlueStacks 4

Step 1: Download BlueStacks 4 to your computer, then double-click the setup file. BlueStacks 4 installation interface appears, click the Install Now button to begin the installation process of BlueStacks 4 on your computer.

Step 2: The installation of BlueStacks 4 takes place, it is completely automatic, you just need to wait for a while until it’s done.

Step 3: BlueStacks 4 installation is finished, click Complete button to complete.

Step 4: The first time you use BlueStacks 4, you have to wait for the software to load data, this will take a few minutes.

Step 5: The Welcome interface will appear, click the drop-down arrow next to English (United States) to choose the language to install BlueStacks 4. Then click on Let’s Go.

The installation will be completely automated. Of course, also depending on the speed and stability of the Internet that you are using, the completion time will vary.